The Difference Between Public and Private Blockchain

SpiderOak secures SCADA and IIoT

Merging Blockchain with No Knowledge Cryptography to Secure Critical Infrastructure

Securing data was hard. Until we made it simple.

SpiderOak has developed a fundamentally better approach to security. We’re empowering users to take control over security like they do in the real world.

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Fundamentally Different

We have merged blockchain with No Knowledge cryptography to create solutions that are fundamentally better at securing data.

Less Complex

Our solutions reduce complexity in the security stack.  Data is easier to secure when it is immune to network and server compromise.

Move Quickly

Designed to deploy across a wide range of platforms, with limited resources, to solve real problems quickly. Pre-built application templates can be configured for secure file sharing, collaboration, messaging, workflow, IIoT and other scenarios.

The SpiderOak SCADA Platform

Simple, high-level tools let you manage the security of your network with less expertise and less time.

Our SCADA Platform is a comprehensive solution and consists of the following key components:

Consulting. We meet with your engineers and understand your current or proposed network and how you intend to manage it.

Software. We leverage our ready-made templates to quickly develop fully encrypted and secured communications between devices, users, and centralized control.

Management. Our solution includes a management console that enables the administration of the secure network – including, authorization, deauthorization, and network segmentation management. In addition, we provide immutable logs of activity.

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