Applications that protect your data

Merging blockchain with No Knowledge cryptography to secure your most critical data

For the past 10 years SpiderOak has built software based on a singular, unwavering belief: that the world is a better place if software is trustworthy and secure.

Learn more aboutSpiderOak's secure backup, team messaging, and password management applications. All applications are available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

cloud backup secure online storage
SpiderOak One Backup

Never lose another file to ransomware, hardware failure, or accidental deletion. Unlimited devices and new pricing for 2018.

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end-to-end encrypted secure messaging

The world's most secure group chat and messaging. Built for teams that want completely encrypted communications.

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Secure, cross-platform password management with end-to-end encryption. So simple your grandparents can use it.

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