SpiderOak Tips To Securely Manage All Your Passwords

Many of us log on to so many online applications everyday to check our emails, manage bank accounts, play games and socialize. However, using so many services means accumulating usernames and passwords for all the services that we try. We tend to use the same log-in information for all the services that we use. In […]

Adobe Breach Worse than Previously Disclosed

  Early in October, Adobe had suffered a massive data breach. The data breach exposed the personal information of millions of customers and the source code of famous Adobe products like Adobe Acrobat, Cold Fusion, and others. The attackers managed to access customer names, IDs, encrypted credit card and debit card numbers, expiry dates and […]

NSA Hacks into Google and Yahoo Data Center Links

After the famous PRISM program, another mass data-collection program by the NSA called “MUSCULAR” has recently come to light. The NSA jointly operates this project of exploiting data links with its British counterpart Government Communications Headquarters. Both spy agencies successfully penetrated the main connection links that connect Google and Yahoo data centers around the world. […]

Mobile apps vulnerable to HTTP Request Hijacking

Like many people, I like to start my day by selecting the news app on my Smartphone, and reading about what’s going on around the world. I totally trusted my news application for reading the daily news, until I stumbled upon this blogpost that talks about vulnerabilities in mobile phone apps. According to the researchers […]

How the NSA is Controlling the Internet

Recently, I came across an interesting article by security researcher, Bruce Schneier titled the “ The Battle for Power on the Internet”. The article talks about the battle for power in the cyberspace between the traditional and institutional bodies like the government, and the cyber criminals (i.e. hackers). From the recent revelations about the NSA’s […]

Facebook Changes Privacy Setting for Teenagers

  Facebook has recently made some changes to its privacy rules for teenagers. According to the new policy, teenagers between the ages 13 and 17 can now share their posts with everyone on the Internet. They can post status updates, images and videos that can be seen by anyone, and not just their friends or […]

Snapchat Not Safe From NSA Surveillance

Snapchat is a photo sharing application that allows users to share images that disappear from devices after a set amount of time. You can take a picture or record a video, draw something on it and send it to your Snapchat pal. Once the receiver opens the photo or video, it will automatically disappear within […]

How Does The NSA Identify Tor Users?

Tor (The Onion Router) is an open source application that maintains the privacy of Internet users from the prying eyes of surveillance programs or other tracking software. Tor conceals the user’s identities and their network activity by separating the identification and routing information. The data is transmitted through multiple computers via network relays run by […]

Impact of Surveillance on U.S Cloud Industries

The cloud is a driving force behind today’s IT industry. However, the recent revelations about US government’s PRISM program has badly affected the reputation of US-based cloud industries. The ongoing public debate about privacy issues at the FISA court has raised concerns among foreign customers. As per international cloud customers, “if the FISA court can […]

How secure is Apple iMessage?

After the revelations made about NSA’s PRISM program by Edward Snowden in June, Apple claimed that conversations taking place over iMessage and FaceTime  “are protected by end-to-end encryption, so no one but the sender and receiver can see or read them. Apple cannot decrypt that data. Similarly, we do not store data related to customers’ […]