NSA Plans on Building Quantum Computers to Break Encryption

These days, it does not come as a surprise to any of us when we hear about the NSA working on new ways to break the security standards on the Internet. In the past we have seen how the NSA has been successful in collecting huge amounts of user data by providing legal notices, breaking […]

Snapchat Hack Leaks Millions of Names and Numbers

The New Year did not start at a very good note for the most popular photo sharing application, Snapchat. On Wednesday, Jan 1, 2014, a major security breach took place at Snapchat. A hacker group exposed the phone numbers and usernames of approximately 4.6 million users on the Internet. Snapchat is used by millions of people […]

Biggest Security Events of 2013

As the year 2013 bids adieu, let’s take a look back at some of the biggest privacy and security issues of last year. As an information security professional, I found this year to be very interesting from a cyber security point of view. We got to see many new forms of cyber attacks and new […]

Silent Circle Replaces NIST Encryption Standards

In Monday’s post, I mentioned the importance of end-to-end encryption tools like PGP and Silent Circle for better security of our data. Silent Circle has decided to move away from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) encryption standards and implement its own cryptographic technologies for extra protection from the NSA surveillance activities. In […]

Growing Security Threats with CryptoLocker Ransomware

Over last few months, we have been hearing a lot about security breaches due to CryptoLocker Ransomware. This is basically a virus/trojan horse that takes control over your PCs by encrypting your files, and restricting access to your files/documents unless you pay a ransom amount to the author of the malware. The ransom amount needs […]

NSA Partners With RSA to Weaken Encryption Standards

The NSA has been working secretly for a decade to break the security standards on the Internet. The spy agency spends millions of dollars every year to break the encryption standards used to protect sensitive information like trade secrets, secure emails, and medical records. According to the documents leaked by Edward Snowden, they have been […]

How to Protect Yourself From Online Holiday Scams

Finally, the holidays are here. The holiday season is the time of giving and making purchases for near and dear ones. This is the busiest season of the year for retailers and the holiday shoppers. It’s also one of the busiest for cybercriminals, who take advantage of this busy time to carry out fraudulent activities. […]

A Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, Part II

Cloud services have made our lives easier by making our data available to us anytime from anywhere. Adoption of this emerging trend has proved to be beneficial for many of us. However, at the same time, it has opened the doors for new security risks and vulnerabilities. A day does not go by when we […]

A Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, Part I

With the advancement in mobile technology, companies have lots of consumer data in their possession. Many mobile and web applications collect personal information (like name, address, social security number or credit card details) from the users to provide them access to various services. As consumers we trust that our data is in safe hands, and […]

The Importance of Encryption for Companies in the Cloud

Many organizations are moving towards cloud computing because it is cost effective, flexible and easy to deploy. Cloud computing enables you to access your data anytime, from anywhere around the world. Along with many benefits, the cloud services come with a fair amount of security risks. Every day millions of customers have their data compromised due to hacking […]