Recent Security Breaches Highlight the Importance of Strong Passwords

We have been advised about the importance of strong passwords many times. Sadly, very few of us implement those advises in real life. Often, it is seen that weak passwords are one of the biggest reasons behind major security breaches. Not only do we use simple and easy to guess passwords, but we also tend […]

Yahoo to Implement Encryption Between Data Centers

NSA’s privacy intrusive “MUSCULAR” program revealed how the spy agency and its British counterpart tap into the data center links of major Internet companies like Yahoo and Google. This program seemed to be more intrusive in comparison to the PRISM program because the spy agencies performed their operation of mass data collection without the knowledge […]

How To Maintain Your Privacy In the Age of Tracking?

The recent PRISM revelations have shown how top Internet companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Yahoo collects user data and share it with the National Security Agency (NSA) upon receiving a court order. Before the revelations, as users, we completely trusted these companies for the protection of our private data, and shared almost everything on […]

Is Your Smart TV Spying On You?

Many households these days own “Smart TVs”. Sometimes we forget that these TVs are also connected to the Internet, and they are capable of collecting and transmitting our data. We seem to be a lot more concerned about surveillance programs that spy on our web browsing activities, email conversations, or our interactions on social media. […]

SpiderOak Tops EFF’s Crypto Survey Report

Revelations about the National Security Agency’s (NSA) surveillance programs are posing a serious threat to the reputation of technology companies. The documents revealed by Edward Snowden indicate that leading tech companies like Apple, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft cooperated with the NSA in their mass data collection program, PRISM, by providing information about their customer data. […]

Snaphack App Lets You Save Snapchats Without Notifying the Sender

Many of us use Snapchat for sharing photos and videos with our friends. People consider this as a secure medium to share their photos with others because once the receiver opens the photos or videos; they will automatically disappear within 10 seconds or less. The photos will also be deleted from Snapchat’s server after the user […]

Google to Implement Encryption for Secure Searches

Google has made a change, aimed at providing “extra protection” for Google searchers. The company has announced it will  encrypt all search activity, except the click-on ads, to maintain the privacy and security of Internet users. Back in October 2011, Google had made the announcement that it will encrypt the searches of anyone who was […]

MacRumors Security Breach Exposes 860,000 User Passwords

We have been hearing a lot about so many security breaches these days. Every day millions and millions of user data is compromised due to lack of proper security controls, weak passwords or human errors. Recently MacRumors posted a notice that its user forums have been breached and the hackers have stolen cryptographically protected passwords […]

Facebook Plans to Track Your Cursor Movements

The most popular social networking site, Facebook, already has a huge amount of user data to begin with. Even so, the company wants to know more about its users. According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook is testing a brand new technology that would allow it follow user’s mouse movements on the social networking site. […]

Keeping your Healthcare Data Safe in the Cloud

  While more and more companies are adopting cloud computing for its convenience and flexibility, the healthcare industry has been little slow in adopting this new trend. But gradually many hospitals and clinics are recognizing the benefits of cloud computing and embracing this technology to revolutionize their procedures. In the modern world of healthcare, it […]