Access Control Issues in a Cloud Computing Environment

Cloud computing allows enterprises to scale resources up and down as their needs require. The “pay-as-you-go” model of computing has made it very popular among businesses. However, one of the biggest hurdles in the widespread adoption of cloud computing is security. The multi-tenant nature of the cloud is vulnerable to data leaks, threats, and malicious […]

The Ploutus Predicament: New ATM Malware Allows Hackers to Remotely Access Cash

The recent major data breach at Target has been an eye-opener that showed how malware infected Point-Of-Sale (PoS) devices can be exploited to gather huge amounts of credit and debit card data. Malware attacks are on the rise these days. The reason why most of these attacks are successful is because most of the malware […]

Cloud Security: Efficient and Reliable Encryption Key Management Crucial for Data Protection

In our modern day and age, many enterprises are embracing cloud computing. However, one of the major concerns regarding cloud computing has always been security. Encryption in cloud computing is still in a state of flux and infancy. Some vendors provide encryption, while others don’t. There are different kinds of encryption schemes for securing data in […]

Snowden’s Take on the Value of End-to-End Encryption

The PRISM revelations have made us more aware and proactive regarding maintaining our privacy in the electronic medium. The NSA has left no stone unturned to monitor and gather millions of user data. They have circumvented almost every security control on the Internet for bulk data collection. When it is not possible for them to […]

Managing Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Cloud computing is attracting many enterprises because of its easy deployment, cost effectiveness, and flexibility. One of the major advantages of cloud computing is its disaster recovery approach. With this system, enterprises have a cost effective disaster recovery plan in place, and do not have to worry about deployment and maintenance of IT infrastructure or […]

A United Front: Credit Unions & Congress Fight Back Against Data Theft

When it comes to enacting new protections and punishments for massive data breaches, like the sort recently suffered by Target stores, Congress and credit unions are joining forces to fight back. Data theft threatens virtually every industry, from online gambling and alternate currencies like Bitcoin, to established healthcare providers and insurance companies. So when it […]

Protecting Medical Records in a New Era of Health Insurance

Enterprises have scrambled to stay ahead of new regulations brought about by the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as ObamaCare. The healthcare industry, however, is the most directly impacted by the law, as healthcare providers and insurance companies must prepare for an influx of new patients and a more widely insured populace. But as the […]

Router Security In the Cloud: Enterprises Seek Data Protection for Remote Workers

For many enterprises, security has become a chief concern in the light of hacking, the spread of malware, and international cyber wars. The latest in the litany of worries over data safety comes from news of 300,000 compromised routers. While many enterprises operate on a much bigger scale than the small office and home office […]

Digital Currency Concerns: Bitcoin Security in the Cloud

For tech-savvy early adopters and enterprises seeking to stay ahead of technological innovations, Bitcoin has been presented as if it were a digital gold mine. This decentralized digital currency works through value transfers that are not yet regulated by any country, corporation, or bank. Bitcoin isn’t backed up by solid assets, so value tends to […]

Don’t Wait For Data Legislation: Get Ahead of It

  In the wake of the stunning data breach suffered by Target late last year, proactive enterprises have already started to draft and enact better security standards to protect corporate and customer data. Such data breaches irreversibly tarnish brands by establishing a bad corporate reputation and losing consumer trust that can be incredibly hard to […]