Keeping Secure and Private in the “Internet of Things”

Imagine a situation where you are shopping at the grocery store and receive a text on your smartphone…from your refrigerator! It is reminding you to pick up eggs and replace the orange juice, which is 4 weeks old. After picking up the instructed items, you head back home, and based on your GPS location (relayed […]

How The NSA Track Users With Website Cookies

These days Internet companies generate a lot of revenue based on advertisements. They monitor your online activities and send you ads based on your interests. Many Internet companies use “cookies” to track users and send them targeted advertisements. Cookies are small tracking files that are placed in a user’s browser when they visit any advertiser’s […]

How True Are White House Claims is Fixed?

The website has been in the headlines recently because of the technical glitches and performance and security issues with the website. People have encountered lots of technical difficulties, like slow operation or error messages while registering for healthcare plans. As I had mentioned in one of my previous posts, apart from all these technical […]

Twitter Implements Forward Secrecy to Thwart NSA Snooping

After the PRISM revelations, several Internet companies are strengthening their security practices to protect the privacy of their users. The NSA has been successful in cracking majority of encryption standards on the web in order to collect user data. They have tapped into the fiber optic cables of well-known tech companies to collect huge amount […]

NSA Infiltrates Online Gaming Services

Online games have gained popularity over the years, and now have millions of avid users around the world. The lifelike graphics of online games almost make it impossible to discriminate between the real and virtual worlds. People enjoy the experience of creating avatars, making new friends and earning virtual currencies. These are some of the […]

How Does the NSA Collect Cell Phone Location Data?

The recent NSA revelations have made us more responsible towards the security of our personal data on the Internet. Many of us have implemented strong security controls such as Tor, two-factor authentication, HTTPS connection, encrypted email and chat services to protect our personal data from the prying eyes of government surveillance programs. But what can […]

Millions of Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Accounts Breached

It’s not even been a week since I wrote a post about security breaches at Cupid Media and GitHub, that we get to hear about another massive breach, where the hackers managed to steal 2 million user accounts and passwords of Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and a few other websites. Yesterday, Chicago based cyber security company […]

Game on? Security Concerns And Online Gaming

Online gaming has attracted lots of users over the years. People spend days and nights in front of their computers playing their favorite games. One of the misconceptions that people have is that security is not a big deal when it comes to online gaming. If gaming is for fun and enjoyment, a lot of […]

Is Your Kindle Tracking Your Reading Habits?

As I have highlighted in one of my recent blog posts, reading is no longer a private activity in this age of digital tracking. As a book lover, when you curl up and read an interesting book, you feel that you are only interacting with the pages of the book. However, with the rise of […]

Buffer Security Breach Shows the Importance of Two-Factor Authentication

Buffer, the social media and scheduling service, became a victim of a major data breach last month. People registered with Buffer started seeing unauthorized posts on their behalf on Twitter and Facebook- a major loss of trust, and something that would outrage anyone.  I wouldn’t want my name being used to hock snakeoil. The company […]