Managing PCI DSS Compliance in Cloud Computing

Credit card hacks and data breaches are on the rise these days. Recently, retail giant Target became a victim of a massive data breach that affected millions of customers. Cyber criminals are also using the cloud environment for launching cyber attacks. As more businesses are moving towards adopting cloud-based services, the risk of security breaches […]

Threats from Within: Dealing with Insider Attacks in Cloud Computing

Despite its numerous benefits, security has always been a major concern in cloud computing. The more that enterprises rely on cloud services, the more new security risks will appear on the horizon. Many times security researchers have expressed their concern regarding insider threats to the cloud. Insider threats pose a major security risk to clients. […]

Avoiding Lost Profits: How to Minimize Downtime in the Cloud

Many enterprises are turning towards cloud services because of the benefits it offers in terms of price and effectiveness. Another reason behind the widespread adoption of cloud services is mitigation of downtime cost. Businesses cannot afford downtime of even a few minutes, as it will have a negative financial impact. As any IT professional knows […]

Unsettling Considerations: Has the NSA Been Using the Heartbleed Bug for Surveillance?

With the recent flurry of concern over the Heartbleed bug, many are now questioning if the vulnerability truly went undetected.  The PRISM revelations brought into light how the NSA has been exploiting security controls over the Internet to gain access to user data. According to the documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, the NSA […]

Exploring the Digital Forensic Challenges that Come with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is considered a game changer in terms of how organizations plan, implement, and execute their IT strategies. The flexibility to add more resources and applications at a reasonable price seems unbeatable. While cloud computing offers so many benefits to businesses, its security and trustworthiness has always been in question. Security is an extremely […]

Protecting Yourself from the Heartbleed Security Bug

In my last post, we examined the ins and outs of the HeartBleed security vulnerability in OpenSSL that has affected about half a million websites and client-side software. This bug being considered as one of the biggest threats the Internet has ever seen. Many popular websites like Yahoo, Flickr, NASA, and OKCupid are vulnerable to […]

“Heartbleed” Security Flaw Affects Millions of Users and Sends Internet into Panic Mode

A major security bug, “Heartbleed”, has been making major headlines recently. The security vulnerability has infiltrated many well-known websites, and affected millions of users. It was discovered in some versions of OpenSSL, utilized by thousands of websites. OpenSSL is an encryption technology that uses TLS/ to secure communication over the Internet, and protect sensitive user […]

The Impact of Internet of Things on Enterprise Security

The  “Internet Of Things” (IoT)  was once an emerging term in the technology market, but it’s safe to say we’ve reached a point in which many, households and businesses are significantly affected by this concept. IoT gives you the power to control anything in your home or office from anywhere. Whether adjusting the light or […]

Protection Against Phishing Attacks in the Cloud

With the growth in Internet, there has been an increase in security attacks. It is almost safe to say that these days nothing is secure in the electronic medium. “Phishing attacks” are one of the major security issues that lead to massive data breaches. In a phishing attack the attacker attempts to gather sensitive user […]

Newly Discovered Vulnerability in Microsoft Word May Allow for Remote Cyber Attacks

Microsoft Word is a widely used application. For many of us, a day does not go by without typing in something in the word document. Whether we are working on a school project or developing a report for office presentation, we tend to use this popular word processing program. Just imagine if the security of […]