How to Protect Yourself From Online Holiday Scams

Finally, the holidays are here. The holiday season is the time of giving and making purchases for near and dear ones. This is the busiest season of the year for retailers and the holiday shoppers. It’s also one of the busiest for cybercriminals, who take advantage of this busy time to carry out fraudulent activities. […]

A Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, Part II

Cloud services have made our lives easier by making our data available to us anytime from anywhere. Adoption of this emerging trend has proved to be beneficial for many of us. However, at the same time, it has opened the doors for new security risks and vulnerabilities. A day does not go by when we […]

A Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, Part I

With the advancement in mobile technology, companies have lots of consumer data in their possession. Many mobile and web applications collect personal information (like name, address, social security number or credit card details) from the users to provide them access to various services. As consumers we trust that our data is in safe hands, and […]

The Importance of Encryption for Companies in the Cloud

Many organizations are moving towards cloud computing because it is cost effective, flexible and easy to deploy. Cloud computing enables you to access your data anytime, from anywhere around the world. Along with many benefits, the cloud services come with a fair amount of security risks. Every day millions of customers have their data compromised due to hacking […]

Target Credit Card Breach Exposes Millions of Customers

Credit card data breaches seem to be on the rise these days. Hackers are attacking many businesses in order to access sensitive customer data like social security numbers or  credit card information. This information can be extremely valuable to the attackers, as having all that sensitive data in hand allows them to carry out more severe attacks.  Information […]

Hackers Burn The Washington Post for The Third Time

The servers of The Washington Post were recently hacked for the third time in the past three years. The hackers broke into the servers, and managed to access employee’s user names and passwords. Although the passwords were stored in encrypted form, it is likely that the hackers might be able to decode them. Mandiant, a cyber […]

What’s Next for Tech Companies And The NSA

The NSA’s controversial PRISM program has left the reputation of major technology companies is at stake. Time and again the NSA has collected huge amounts of user data from these companies, either by providing legal notice, or by illegally tapping into their data center links. Either way the spy agency has been successful in its […]

Facebook Even Tracks What You Don’t Post

Facebook has become a part and parcel of our daily life. We make friends, post status updates, “like” each other’s pictures, and play games on this social networking site. Given all that, just imagine the amount of personal information Facebook have about its users.  Facebook tries to know everything about its users to provide them […]

Flashlight App Sends User Location Data to Advertisers

With the growth in mobile technology, there is a significant increase in location-based advertising. Marketers want to know exactly where you are located to send you personalized advertisements. As per the Interactive Advertising Bureau, “Total online advertising revenues were $3 billion in the first six months of 2013, and mobile phone ads were less than […]

Keeping Secure and Private in the “Internet of Things”

Imagine a situation where you are shopping at the grocery store and receive a text on your smartphone…from your refrigerator! It is reminding you to pick up eggs and replace the orange juice, which is 4 weeks old. After picking up the instructed items, you head back home, and based on your GPS location (relayed […]