Identify Critical Assets and Maintain Clear Communication to Reduce the Impact of Data Breaches

Cloud computing has become an integral part of today’s IT market; however, the security of data in the cloud has always remained in question. Organizations tend to outsource almost 50% of their resources to cloud-based services because of their flexibility and cost effectiveness. Since huge amounts of corporate data rest in the cloud, they have […]

Cryptowall Ransomware Spreading through Malicious Advertisements

As predicted by security researchers, 2014 is really turning out to be the year for new forms of ransomware attacks. Ransomware is a form of malware that takes over your system and restricts access to your files and folders until you pay the ransom amount to the malware author. Without the knowledge of the victim, the malware […]

Lessons to Be Gained from the Recent eBay Data Breach

The occurrence of security breaches at large companies appears to be on the rise. Last year, we saw massive data breaches at Target and Adobe affecting millions of customers. The personal data of many people were at stake as a result of the incidents. Data breaches are the stuff of nightmares for any enterprise. They not only suffer […]

Examining Lavaboom’s Email Service Security Against NSA Surveillance

In light of NSA surveillance, finding a truly secure email service presents a challenge. The PRISM revelations have made us aware of government surveillance programs targeting the email communications of millions of Americans for mass data collection, and as a result, many of us are more concerned about the privacy and security of our data in the […]

Protecting Data Against SQL Injection Attacks

Data attacks have unfortunately become commonplace these days, with new reports of penetrated security systems being reported on a seemingly regular basis. SQL injection is the most commonly used form of attack by intruders to compromise enterprise data, as it is highly effective and successful in gaining access. The SQL injection vulnerability has been around […]

NSA Surveillance Spurred Tech Firms to Tighten Security- Examining the EFF Survey Report

The PRISM revelations served as a wake-up call for tech firms in terms of privacy, security, and NSA surveillance. The documents leaked by Edward Snowden indicates that the NSA has left no stone unturned in getting access to a huge amount of sensitive user data. They have been successful in circumventing the majority of encryption technologies over […]

Considering Your Most Vulnerable Security Links- How to Combat Social Engineering Attacks

Enterprises invest huge sums of money on developing security mechanisms to protect company assets and networks against cyber attacks. With ever-emerging security threats, it becomes imperative for any organization to bolster their security controls. Organizations tend to focus on introducing new technical upgrades, improving encryption technologies, better threat detection, and prevention tools for preventing unauthorized access […]

Protection against Mobile Phishing Attacks- Avoid Being the Target of a Scam

In today’s age of technology, it is safe to say that the mobile phones have surpassed desktop PCs in terms of popularity and usability. You can get all your tasks accomplished on a small portable device, rather than sitting in front of a static computer for hours. You can surf the Internet, pay your bills, do shopping, […]

Security in the Age of Telecommuting: Ensuring Remote Access Connections Are Protected

There has been significant growth in the number of individuals working remotely or telecommuting in recent years. Remote connections, also called VPNs, are an attractive alternative for many businesses; they increase employee productivity, save company expenses, and require less maintenance. In order for this large workforce to carry out business effectively and efficiently, it is important […]

Protecting Student Data in the Cloud

Cloud computing provides effective connectivity and easy access to the latest computing resources. This technology has become extremely popular among businesses because of its flexibility and cost effectiveness. Gradually, the education sector is also making a transition to cloud services. Many school districts are embracing cloud computing to improve academic delivery and learning, provide personalized student […]