How Can Enterprises Ensure Security Against Cloud Security Breaches?

Cloud computing has become the driving force of today’s IT industry. More and more enterprises are moving towards this technology because of its flexibility, cost effectiveness, and easy deployment. According to the technology researchers at Gartner, the cloud services are expected to grow to $210 million by 2016. However, cloud computing is vulnerable to several […]

New Security Technology “Honey Encryption” Deceives Hackers

Security researchers have devised a unique method to trick the hackers trying to crack encrypted information. As you may know, encryption is one of the most effective methods of protecting data. However, it is seen that in many cases intruders are successful in getting into the system by trying different encryption-cracking methods. There are several […]

Wookie Gone Wrong: Tor-Enabled Malware ChewBacca Infects Dozens of Retailers

The Point-of-Sale (PoS) malware attacks seem to be on the rise since last year. Many retailers like Target and Neiman Marcus became victims of such attacks. Recently, the RSA brought into light another PoS malware called “ChewBacca”. In the past three months, this Trojan has stolen credit and debit card information from dozens of retailers. […]

Spying Birds? Angry Birds Website Hacked due to NSA Spying Claims

If you are fond of playing the game Angry Birds like thousands of other people, then you need to be very careful regarding the privacy of your data. The NSA has been exploiting the vulnerabilities in “leaky” smartphone apps, like Angry Birds, to collect sensitive user information. The majority of apps transmit or share a […]

Security Concerns with “The Internet of Things”

The Internet of Things has become an emerging trend in today’s age. As the number of devices connected via Internet grows, the risk of cyber attacks also increases. By connecting so many unsecured smart devices like TVs, refrigerators, etc. to the Internet, we are opening the doors to many malicious activities. Recently, a security research […]

Beware: Malware Distributors are Moving Towards Cloud Computing Services

As has been the trend of businesses, the makers of malware are also moving towards cloud services because of its flexibility, cost effectiveness, and easy maintenance. Malware distributors are embracing cloud services as a method of hosting malicious codes and adware. They are doing so either by buying services directly from the cloud service providers, […]

Privacy Issues with Student Loans

“Knowledge may be priceless, but a higher education is clearly not”. – Peter Thiel, Cofounder Paypal Over the years there has been a significant hike in the tuition fees of many U.S. universities. Students are struggling under the burden of student loans to achieve their career goals. Some of them have had to make career […]

Bombarded by Advertisements? How Online Ads Can Take Over Your System

Don’t you wish you could browse YouTube or Facebook without encountering those annoying advertisements? They have become impossible to ignore these days. Many websites rely on online advertisements to generate revenues. They are annoying for sure, have not caused any harm to our systems. Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore. Online ads can be […]

The Magic Key: Google and Facebook Planning on Improving Security with Physical Tokens

Well-known technology companies like Google and Facebook are planning on bolstering the security of their users by introducing physical tokens. These physical tokens are very easy to use, and provide an additional level of protection along with your passwords. You just have to plug in the token directly to your computer ‘s USB drives and […]

RAM Scraper Malware Infected Target’s Point-of-Sale terminals

Last month retail giant Target suffered a massive credit card breach that affected approximately 40 million credit and debit card accounts. As per recent investigations, the breach appears to be even worse than what was estimated earlier. The company confirmed that personal information like names, email addresses, mailing addresses, and phone numbers of an additional […]