Looking For Work? Check Out the Cloud!

Posted by on Aug 12, 2013

Recent reports on American job numbers indicate an economy that is still in the stages of slow recovery. But in the areas of cloud computing and IT, job openings continue to grow with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Most industries now rely on the cloud for basic daily functions, while fears over the PRISM program have driven countless companies to private cloud storage and syncing services. For job seekers looking for stable positions, the cloud holds big potential long into the future.

Cloud Job Opportunities

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Salesforce, an American cloud firm, just expanded internationally with 100 new positions looking to be filled by the year’s end. Contrary to common assumption, these types of cloud jobs aren’t necessarily restricted to programmers and those with coding skills. The growing company says it seeks to fill roles in customer support, sales, IT, and marketing. Such news echoes the Bureau of Labor Statistics job report for July, which showed over 3,000 jobs created in the areas of data hosting and processing, adding to more than 40,000 tech jobs created in 2013 so far. The report also showed that technology jobs are stable, with drop in unemployment for the tech sector from 4.2% in June to 3.8% in July, while the general unemployment rate remained virtually stagnant at 7.4%. According to Dice, a technical job placement site, “Cloud service providers report in this category and their services appear to be increasingly in demand. The number of jobs posted on Dice containing the word ‘cloud’ hit an all-time high in August and account for six percent of all job postings.”

Global Cloud Growth

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In a survey by Dice, 73% of hiring managers planned to add to their staff, up from the 64% who responded positively early in 2013. Even in the face of economic uncertainty, the outlook for the cloud remains sunny. According to Windows Azure platform strategy advisor at Microsoft South Africa, Gareth Jane, “IT professionals have feared that jobs are going to be lost, but research shows us quite the contrary…in most other countries, we see a dramatic increase in the IT skills that will be required.” In South Africa alone, demand for cloud computing skills is projected to reach a massive 135% increase. According to Jane, “This will not be the same across all industries.  There are dramatic differences across industries. The impact of cloud on industries like manufacturing will be low, but in more innovative industries, such as media, the impact and requirement of skills will be much higher.”

Cloud Computing Job Growth

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As it stands, a third of employers have a difficult time filling IT positions. According to IDC’s program vice president for project-based services, Cushing Andersong, “Third-platform opportunities represent all the IT job growth going forward. This is what IT managers hire for. This is what every IT graduate is moving into.” But these opportunities require skilled technicians that can create and maintain cloud infrastructure. CEO of Dice, Scot Melland, says that applicants “don’t have to be certified, but have to know what they’re doing. They must be willing to learn as the technology is rapidly changing.” But certifications do help, especially when seeking a new job. A survey showed that 40% of tech consultants reporting that certification helped secure a position. According to Melland, “If you live in a major tech center such as the Boston or Seattle areas, it’s likely that a community college might have programs on these big technologies.” If school is not an option, the cloud could still hold promise. As Melland said, “If you demonstrate you’ve worked and applied those skills than that’s the most valuable asset for an employee.”

Secure Data Storage With SpiderOak

When applying to cloud positions, it’s important to know about common concerns that companies have regarding the cloud. For many enterprises, finding a truly protected third party cloud service can be a challenge as many “secure” services on the market have security gaps that leave private corporate and consumer data wide open to third party attacks and even governmental spying, in the light of the ongoing NSA PRISM program. One cloud storage and sync service that sets itself apart from the rest of the market is SpiderOak. This service provides enterprises with fully private cloud storage and sync, featuring all of the benefits of the cloud along with 100% data privacy. SpiderOak Blue is available with onsite deployment and private servers or outsourced deployment through a private and secured public cloud server.

SpiderOak protects sensitive enterprise data with 256-bit AES encryption so that files and passwords stay private. Authorized accounts and network devices can store and sync sensitive data with complete privacy, because this cloud service has absolutely “zero-knowledge” of user passwords or data. And all plaintext encryption keys are exclusively stored on approved devices because SpiderOak never hosts any plaintext data. This way, even if programs like NSA’s PRISM continue to stand unchallenged, consumers can rest easy knowing that their data is truly protected and brands can gain diehard customer loyalty by publically securing consumer information. SpiderOak Blue’s cross-platform private cloud services are available for enterprises on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, along with Android and iOS mobile devices.

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