Policing Yourself: 5 Tips For Protecting Your Customers from Data Theft

I was visiting a store a few months ago that rented specialty medical equipment, picking up a wheelchair for a family member who had broken a foot. They had called in advance to reserve it, and when I went in the clerk started flipping through a notebook that had been lying on the counter. The […]

Why Protecting Customer Privacy Protects Your Business Security

When small business owners are thinking about data security, there should be two concurrent, but not entirely similar, concerns running through their mind. The first is: what if I lose everything? What if some kind of disaster strikes or my system is broken into and destroyed, and I lose all my information? All my data […]

True Safety: SpiderOak on the Fake Tension Between Privacy and Security

Whenever people are writing about cybersecurity and government programs that negate any inherent right to privacy, Orwell’s 1984 almost inevitably comes up, and with good cause. The unblinking eyes of Big Brother are a great symbol for vastly over-reaching NSA programs such as PRISM. But there is another, lesser known (though not obscure) essay by […]

What SpiderOak Can Do for Individual Privacy Rights

Here at the Privacy Post, we’ve talked a lot about how SpiderOak and its ‘Zero-Knowledge’ philosophy can protect your small business. Rightfully so, too: small business is at the forefront of the cybercriminal assault, as hackers try to probe for weaknesses in order to gain corporate or customer data. Additionally, depending on your kind of […]

What the UPS Data Breach Can Teach Your Small Business

Between January and August of this year, UPS computers were infected with malware that compromised the security of 51 stores across 24 states, and exposed the personal data of over 100,000 customers to hackers. While UPS currently has the situation under control, it demonstrates once again that companies can’t afford the luxury of lax security. […]

How SpiderOak’s ‘Zero-Knowledge’ Philosophy Protects Your Small Business

Here’s a challenge: follow the news for even just a day without hearing about a company, organization, or government who has suffered a data breach. There follows the usual litany- the huge number of people affected, the ashen-faced promises that “the privacy of our customers/members/citizens is our top priority”, and then a too-often-unheeded urge for […]

‘Zero-Knowledge’ Security: SpiderOak Keeps You Safe by Knowing Nothing

Not knowing something is rarely considered a good thing, outside of certain circles and political parties, and not even being curious enough to know things is considered even stranger. Our thirst for knowledge and our insatiable curiosity are a large part of what makes us human, and what drives innovation. No one has ever been […]

Canary in a Data Mine: Warrant Canaries and The Secret Subpoena Alert

Everyone knows the expression “canary in a coal mine”, and its use as a metaphor. Back in the old days, in addition to explosions, cave-ins, floods, equipment collapse, head-busting Pinkerton thugs, etc, miners had to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning. They’d have a canary down in the mine with them, and if it stopped chirping, […]

The Reach of Cyberterrorism: Security and Over-Reaction

Over the summer, Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton published their reflections on the state of terrorism in a 10th-anniversary update of their famous 9/11 Commission Report. The first report was essentially an autopsy, a look at the lead-up to that horrible day, from all angles. Though not as well-paced or with the inherent sense of […]

Google Boosts Importance of Security in Its Search Algorithm- Will Privacy Follow?

Anyone who ever worked for an SEO company, especially in the early days of the business, when everyone was rushing to figure out how things work and how to game the system, knows the awesome power of Google. It was spoken of like some distant and capricious god, capable of bestowing blessings or hurling lightning […]