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Secure, reliable backup to protect your most important files from data loss & ransomware.

Real-time sync across all of your devices. Access all of your historical versions & deleted files. No time limits or restrictions. Unparalleled privacy.

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“SpiderOak nails its colors very clearly to the mast with its focus on security and privacy. If these are the most important elements you require then it is clearly the best choice”
PC Advisor
“Dropbox is hostile to privacy, unlike 'zero knowledge' SpiderOak.”
Edward Snowden to The Guardian
“Go end-to-end encrypted on email and cloud storage too...SpiderOak ONE is like a super-private Dropbox.”
“Cloud storage services such as SpiderOak have architected its service so that the decryption key is accessible only to the account owners.”

More than Just Backup.

You know the best time to backup your photos, files, or work? Before you need to! We hear from thousands of our users every year who had disaster strike - a house fire, a hard drive failure, stolen laptop, ransomware, to name a few - but they were safe because they had been regularly backing up their files with SpiderOak ONE. Their panic immediately swept into relief, as they realized all their files were still safe and accessible.

But it's not just about the backup that runs quietly in the background, in a way that you might not even notice. SpiderOak ONE also syncs across all of your devices. Drag and drop any file or folder into your  on your computer(s). Backup and sync unlimited devices through your account.

Need access to your files but don't have your device? Simply log in and continue with your day.

So whether you want to store, access or share pictures of your family, a paper you've been working on, your music, movies, or other personal files - use SpiderOak ONE for unparalleled privacy and peace of mind.


Because our software encrypts every piece of data before it ever leaves a computer, we never know the types or content of your files. Everything we store is encrypted end-to-end (at-rest and in-transit). You alone have sole ownership and complete control of the keys to unlock your data. We call this No Knowledge privacy.

From everyday users to Edward Snowden, SpiderOak ONE is recommended as the private alternative to trust with your most important data.

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One-Way Secure Sharing

If you want to share any sensitive files without risk of getting compromised, use the SpiderOak ONE Share Rooms. Set up password-protected Share Rooms and folders and share with anyone, even non-SpiderOak ONE users. When you’re done, remove the Share Room and revoke access, instantly. It's an ideal alternative to sending files over email! Use confidently for work, with mortgage lenders, your accountant, professor, team, or family.

Ransomware? Don't Care.

Did you know you are the most likely target of ransomware? Consumers suffered 57 percent of all ransomware infections last year, whereas businesses only experienced 43 percent.

SpiderOak ONE makes ransomware a non-issue for you. Regularly backing up your files is your #1 defense against ransomware and malware, and is one of the wisest decisions you can make. Save yourself the money and time. Try SpiderOak ONE free for 21 days.

Unlimited devices

Back up any file, folder, external hard drive, or network drive

Access unlimited historical versions

Available in six languages

Point-in-time data restoration

iOS & Android apps

Access all of your deleted items

Real-time automatic background cloud backup

Drag and drop computer syncing with Hive

Disaster, malware & theft recovery

Ransomware protection

On-the-go access, browser-based web portal

Send files via a share room, add password protection

Affordable plans to fit your needs

Unparalleled security & privacy with No Knowledge, end-to-end encryption

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