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You & your data are private, accessible and in sync.

SpiderOak Hive is an amazingly easy way to keep all of your files in sync across your computers and mobile devices.

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SpiderOak started with privacy in mind.
No other backup, sync and share
provider offers our level of security.

First released in 2007, SpiderOak helped define the industry of online backup. Determined to dispel the myth that 'data online can't be secure,' SpiderOak carved its niche as the top choice for those most concerned with privacy.

The engineering goal was simple - devise a plan where users' files, filenames, file types, folders, and/or any other personal information is never exposed to anyone for any reason (even under government subpoena). This describes SpiderOak's 'zero-knowledge' privacy environment.

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SpiderOak offers 5 services in 1 solution
Online backup, sync, share, access and store.



You and your data have a long history together, protecting that by automatically backing up any changes, edits, and/or additions to your backup set is only part of what we do.



Access your data from any device within your SpiderOak network or on the web and enjoy the freedom of traveling light while staying connected to all your important documents, photos and videos wherever you go.



Allowing you to sync all your data, or just parts of it, across multiple computers and operating systems is one of the flexible features of SpiderOak.



Store data from any number of computers (Mac, Windows, Linux), external drives, network volumes, and/or USB keys within a single account.



Privately share your data with whomever you choose by creating password protected ShareRooms.

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Retrieve data from your phone, PDA, iPad, tablet, and more! SpiderOak now provides both an iOS and Android application that will work across your various mobile devices while you are on the move.

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I can't recommend your services enough when someone asks me about online storage to backup their most important files.



I recommend SpiderOak to all my friends & family for the simple reason that I know it's secure & it works.


Information Security Analyst

SpiderOak has been my go to for cloud backup and syncing for a slew of reasons but mostly due to the zero knowledge policy by the company in regards to my data. In a time where users feel that they have no privacy and people and governments appear to have their fingers in all of our personal bits and bytes, I feel very comfortable knowing that my data at SpiderOak is secure. I trust them to hold safe my data knowing that at the end of the day it’s still MY data. Thanks SpiderOak!


Senior Sysadmin

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