Take SpiderOak Anywhere.

Go mobile with SpiderOak! Gain access to your data from everywhere. iOS. Android. Phone. Tablet. Whenever you need your files, they are just a click away.

View, Watch & Listen

Open the files you need on your mobile device. The files that you "favorite" will automatically download, so that you can view them offline.

Send Files

Select the files you want to share and create links. Send the links via email or text, and keep your friends and family in the loop.

Save Directly to Device

Download a file from SpiderOak and store it on any device. Now, no matter whether you are connected or not, you never have to lose access.

How Mobile Works With

SpiderOak’s ‘Zero-Knowledge’ Policy

Here's the deal: when accessing your data via the SpiderOak website or on a mobile device, you must enter your password. The password will then exist in the SpiderOak server memory for the duration of your browsing session. For this amount of time, your password is stored in encrypted memory and never written to an unencrypted disk. The moment your browsing session ends, your password is destroyed and no further trace is left.

The instance above represents the only situation where your data could potentially be readable to someone with access to the SpiderOak servers. That said, no one except a select number of SpiderOak employees will ever have access to the SpiderOak servers. To fully retain our 'zero-knowledge' privacy, we recommend you always access your data via the SpiderOak desktop application, which downloads your data before decrypting it locally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about mobile? Well, we've got answers for you. Take a look at our FAQ page for how to use SpiderOak on the go!

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Release Notes

Read more about what has been included in the current and past versions of our iOS and Android applications.

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“I love how you guys offer your services on multiple platforms, including Linux, and a mobile app for Android...I'll take SpiderOak even over Ubuntu One, primarily because I know my files are secure, even from SpiderOak staff, and I have the freedom to access them from anywhere and at anytime.”

Derrick, Student