Hosted Storage  VS.  Private Cloud

Which is a better fit for you?

We know every company and every installation is different. For this reason we believe a cloud technologies provider has to be flexible when deploying solutions to the enterprise. Some companies don't want the hassle of scaling storage infrastructure to match their growing needs while others have hard and fast requirements about where company data can live.

Given these requirements, SpiderOak Blue offers two options: 'Hosted Storage' or 'Private Cloud'. In a Hosted Storage deployment the data is stored and maintained on SpiderOak servers. For Private Cloud we deploy a fully running end-to-end instance of SpiderOak behind a company's firewall. In either method SpiderOak remains fully 'zero-knowledge' and unable to view or access plaintext data.

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Hosted Storage

With the 'Hosted Storage' solution, we store the data on SpiderOak servers located within the United States. Given that you are storing the data on our server, we charge for the space consumed. Our pricing structure works in 1 TB increments which are priced at $600 per TB per month. You may allocate up to 100 individual accounts per TB of data stored; in other words, the minimum allocated storage for each end-user account must be 10 GBs.

There are a wide range of use-cases for off-premise storage from a company not having the existing storage capacity in place to a company not wanting to scale up their infrastructure as data growth continues to rise over time. Typical companies using SpiderOak Blue 'Hosted Storage' include US Fortune 500 corporations, law firms, universities, and healthcare institutions.

Private Cloud

With the 'Private Cloud' solution, we deploy a fully end-to-end installation of SpiderOak Blue behind your company's firewall from authentication to storage to all the interactions in-between. The data can be stored on a myriad of different storage arrays including SANs or JBODs. As you are providing the physical storage space, the 'Private Cloud' pricing is based on the number of users. We charge $5 per user per month. Due to the additional setup required for a 'Private Cloud' deployment, we do have a minimum charge per month of five thousand dollars.

Customers who require an on-premise solution for regulatory or additional security reasons and/or who have existing storage capacity at the ready are well suited for this approach. Typical companies using SpiderOak Blue 'Private Cloud' include government agencies, non-US based corporations, and higher educational institutions not based in the US.