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Zero-Trust Communication and Collaboration, HIPAA-Compliant File Sharing Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

SpiderOak healthcare solutions leverage both Distributed Ledger and No Knowledge Encryption to provide the 100% secure multi-user collaboration environment necessary to secure remote communication and collaboration, and HIPAA-compliant file sharing, within the healthcare community.

Securing Healthcare Communication and Collaboration to Improve Patient Outcomes

Healthcare data theft has been rising in both frequency and severity since 2010, with the average cost of a single incident topping $2 million and yearly losses exceeding $6 billion. Patient personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI) are highly sought after targets, as too is health related intellectual property and research.

But, as valuable as this data is to criminals, it is the “lifeblood” of effective patient care and treatment and as such must be:

  • Operationalized and deployed for decision support at the point of patient contact
  • Shared among doctors, lab technicians, nurses, affiliated physicians, and healthcare professionals
  • Accessible across both personal and corporate mobile devices & endpoints
  • Available to both remote staff and on-site personnel
  • Attributable to enforce authority, identify changes and assign responsibility

All this must be done safely and securely, protecting both patient privacy and ensuring compliance with ever-changing healthcare regulations.

SpiderOak provides secure communication and collaboration solutions designed to meet the exacting security requirements of the medical field. SpiderOak provides a 100% secure multi-user collaboration environment by leveraging both Distributed Ledger and No Knowledge Encryption, enabling confidential communication, interpretation, and sharing of vital healthcare data to drive better decisions and patient outcomes.

Our “Zero-Trust” architecture means by default nobody is trusted unless they have been granted an explicit “need to know” to gain access – significantly reducing the risk of insider threat or unintentional exposure. Zero-Trust access policies are used wherever PII and PHI are stored, and across all the device and end-point interfaces protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive health and medical data.

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SpiderOak Healthcare Solutions Provide the Protection Your Patient Data Needs

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  • Zero-Trust encrypted communication, where the only people who can read the messages are the relevant physician, lab technician, or patient
  • Extra layer of protection for lost or stolen devices being hacked for sensitive data
  • Discuss symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments with complete confidentiality
  • Secure virtual collaboration spaces to share and analyze patient data and analysis
  • Segment group conversations by cardiology, coronary, intensive care, neurology, obstetrics and gynecology for ongoing real-time collaboration.
  • Authentication of users and devices without the need for a password
  • Data assurance and integrity via digitally signed and timestamped transactions to ensure that information hasn’t been altered and is authentic
  • Send and modify documents, share images, and communicate with staff across all devices in complete security and confidentiality
  • Cryptographically secure affiliated physicians, care centers, suppliers, research centers, and universities in foreign or multi-national jurisdictions

Secure Healthcare Telework, Intellectual Property, & Collaborative R&D

Protect Digital Intellectual Property

Equip your most valuable IP with the protection it needs for secure communication and collaboration.

Secure Remote Telework

Unlock the world of secure telework for remote staff—regardless of how hostile or insecure their environment—to drive innovation with complete confidentiality.

Agile Multinational Collaboration

Create a safe, easy-to-use collaboration space to harness the power of your global supply and value chain.

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