5 Services. 1 Solution.

SpiderOak will better help you organize and manage your life - your digital life. Whether it be helping you cope with the threat of hard-drive failure and the loss of data that ensues, allowing you to effortlessly and securely synchronize information between two or more machines (Mac & Windows & Linux), or providing an easy environment to both share photos with friends and/or important work documents with colleagues or clients - SpiderOak is the single tool that makes all of this possible.

Once you have selected data to archive, the SpiderOak backup mechanism springs into action - automatically backing up any changes, edits, and/or additions to your backup set. SpiderOak retains historical versions of every document so you never have to worry about an accidental overwrite. Furthermore, SpiderOak will keep items you have deleted off of your machine just in case you need access to them at a later point. After all - what good is a backup product if it doesn't keep ALL of your data safe?

  • Automatic backup whenever changes and/or additions to your backup set occur
  • Retention of all historical versions - not just the last 30 or 60 days worth
  • Retention of all deleted items just in case

For a brief tour of backup: click here.

Do you have multiple computers? Or perhaps an external drive? If so, you understand how important it becomes to keep all of you data in sync across these various devices. Whether it be vacation photos, important business documents, or just music, SpiderOak allows you to easily and securely synchronize any number of folders across any number of devices throughout your SpiderOak network.

  • Sync data from multiple machines easily
  • Retain complete privacy throughout synchronization process
  • Flexible design allows for the creation of multiple syncs

Why not share? Whether important business documents too big to send via email or photos from your latest vacation, SpiderOak allows you to create any number of ShareRooms (secure locations where you can share your data). Build one for your family and another for your colleagues - giving secure access to each. And the data within a ShareRoom is automatically updated when changes occur so no need to ever resend content.

  • Create any number of password protected ShareRooms
  • Share data aggregated over several machines (a folder from your Mac and another from your Windows machine)
  • Changes become automatically available
  • Notification of changes sent via RSS feed

For a tour of our sharing capabilities: click here.

Regardless of where you are or what situation looms (your computer crashes, disappears, or befalls a natural disaster), SpiderOak allows you to access any and all of your data through the web. So, if you are away from your computer or suffer an unfortunate incident, you can grab that photo or document anytime - SpiderOak has you covered.

  • Anytime access through spideroak.com - 'My Login'
  • Browse data across your SpiderOak network
  • Download any file or folder on the go

For a brief tour of the 'View' tab: click here.

Losing your data is not an option. You keep spare keys, a spare tire and now - with SpiderOak - a spare copy of all of your content. Store data from any number of computers (Mac, Windows, Linux), external drives, network volumes, and/or USB keys - SpiderOak will keep it secure and safe and accessible anytime from any device within your SpiderOak network or through the web at spideroak.com.

  • Select the categories or folders you wish to store with a simple click
  • Store data in a central location from any number of Mac, Windows, or Linux machines including external drives and/or network volumes
  • De-duplication ensures that SpiderOak is only retaining a single copy - saving you time and money

For a brief tour on how to get started: click here.