The Power of Privacy

SpiderOak provides the ability to utilize cloud technologies while retaining that precious right we call privacy. Our 'zero-knowledge' privacy environment ensures only you can see your data. No one else can gain access. Not our staff. Not a government. This orientation makes it impossible for us to betray your trust.

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Secure Backup

Ever worry about "what might happen if..."? Now you don't have to. Never lose a file, folder, or version ever again. You can automatically back-up everything, or select specific folders to back up at a scheduled time. You have full flexibility and the freedom of control with SpiderOak.

Sync Anywhere

SpiderOak creates an easy way to sync data between your phones, laptops, and tablets. You can drag and drop files/folders into your SpiderOak Hive folder, or - for greater control - select specific folders to sync across all your devices.

100% Private

Our ‘Zero-Knowledge’ Privacy Guarantee

In technical terms, ‘Zero-Knowledge’ means that the server has 'zero-knowledge' of your data. In non-technical terms it means that your data is 100% private and only readable to you. No plaintext data is stored on our servers, ensuring absolute confidentiality between you and your data.

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Access Anywhere

Stay connected to all of your important documents, photos and videos wherever you go. Access your data from any device, whether in your pocket, your backpack or on your desk.

Unlimited Devices

Got a Macbook, a Windows desktop, a Linux server, 2 iPhones and a Droid Tablet? ? No problem. Sync across as many devices and operating systems as you wish.

Restore Everything

Back your data up to SpiderOak and rest assured that no matter what happens to your laptop, phone or tablet, your data is always available.

Trash Recovery

Even if you accidentally delete a file from your computer, SpiderOak retains a copy so you never have to worry about losing anything.

Always Working

SpiderOak quietly runs in the background to ensure your data remains safe and up to date.

Keep Every Version

If you continually make edits to a file, you can access any version of that file throughout its lifespan – from creation to final.

“Industry-leading security and best-of-breed packaging. Set-it-and-forget-it functionality. Great service, great price, great people.”

Rick, IT Consultant

The best part? It’s 100% Private.

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