Which Linux distributions and releases are supported?

We test each SpiderOak release against the latest 64 bit version of Ubuntu, Ubuntu LTS, CentOS, Fedora, and openSUSE. We additionally try to also test on the 32 bit versions of all of these, plus the 64 bit versions of Debian stable and CentOS's previous release.

We regularly receive reports of SpiderOak running fine on Debian testing, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Mint, Mageia, and other popular distributions, but we do not regularly test on them.

The builders for each package is on a standalone platform, so supporting earlier releases is possible if the builder platform can meet the dependencies. If you get dependency errors when installing, it is because one of these components in the system are too old. A common one is glibc.

If you aren't sure if SpiderOak will work on your preferred distribution and release, we encourage you to give it a try at no cost with a 2 GB 60-day trial.