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Which Linux distros/releases are supported

Since most distributions of Linux are constantly evolving and releasing new versions, we try and keep our clients to work with the latest releases as well. We currently (November 2011) support SpiderOak on the following distros:

  • Ubuntu - 10.04 (lucid), 10.10 (maverick), 11.04 (natty), 11.10 (oneiric)
  • Debian - Lenny, Squeeze
  • OpenSuSE - 11.3, 11.4
  • RedHat/CentOS - 5, 6
  • Fedora - 13, 14, 15
  • Slackware

The builders for each distro is on a standalone platform, so supporting earlier releases is possible if the builder platform can meet the dependencies. If you get dependency errors when installing, it is because one of these components in the system are too old. (A common one is glibc.)

This list was last updated on 4-Nov-2011.

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