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Case Sensitivity of backup files on Windows?

This is a subtle issue. Windows platforms are case insensitive, so the file (or folder) "aBc" is the same as the file named "ABC" and is the same as a file "abc."

When archiving folders and files, SpiderOak preserves the case of files exactly as they exist on the filesystem.

However, on Linux, and Mac OS X, those would be 3 different files. Suppose you backed up a folder containing those 3 files on Linux, and then tried to download that folder on Windows: SpiderOak would not be able to restore that folder in the same way on Windows. As soon as SpiderOak created the first file "aBc," it would not be able to create a second file named "ABC", because that filename already exists. So, in that situation, there is no way for SpiderOak to restore the downloaded folder exactly as it was. The folder would restore with the original case if it were downloaded on a case insensitive OS, however.

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