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Besides Debian and Ubuntu, how about RedHat, Gentoo, Open SuSE, or Slackware?

We currently provide .deb packages for Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu, in 32 and 64 bit. We expect to eventually produce packages for all major Linux distributions.

We have received numerous reports of users installing SpiderOak across a variety of Linux distributions beyond those officially supported, using tools like alien dpkg --unpack, etc.

SpiderOak is designed as a fault tolerant application, and we regard it as a mission critical product. This means that we must take a rather more comprehensive approach to testing and QA than most software packages.

For each Linux distribution we add support for, there is an additional overhead of ensuring the compatibility of those packages with each new released version of that distribution. There is also the overhead of additional clients to the automated simulation and testing environment (see below.) So, it will take some time.

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