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I accidentally selected a file for back-up. I removed it from my back-up selection, but it still keeps uploading. What can I do? How can I clear my queue/remove all files from the queue

To empty your queue, all you have to do is press the "Pause All Uploads" button which appears in the Status tab in SpiderOak. You can then de-select the file from the Backup tab. If the file has already appeared in your View tab, select it and press Remove. This may not appear to work immediately, because it can take the server several minutes to understand which data blocks have been removed before it will resume uploading the rest of the data.

If for any reason this does not work, you can always tell SpiderOak to empty the queue from the command line by doing the following:

On Mac:

  1. Completely close SpiderOak, and be sure that all SpiderOak processes have closed correctly. Open Applications, then open the Utilities folder. From here, open the "Terminal", and you will see an open window with a prompt at the bottom. In the prompt, please type:
    /Applications/ --destroy-shelved-x
  2. Once this has finished running, please type:
    /Applications/ --repair

On Windows:

  1. Close SpiderOak
  2. Start a command prompt window by opening Start, then Run, and typing "cmd.exe". This will launch the command prompt window.
  3. Copy the following text and paste it into the window, then hit enter:
    c:\"Program Files"\SpiderOak\SpiderOak.exe --destroy-shelved-x
  4. Once this command has finished, please use the following command:
    c:\"Program Files"\SpiderOak\SpiderOak.exe --repair

Please be sure to wait at least several minutes for these commands to begin running: they do not always generate text immediately. These commands will clear the queue on SpiderOak and allow you to select new files for your backup. It will also reset your Preferences, so please be sure to re-add any filter exclusions or size limitations.

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