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I just installed SpiderOak and the program shows "disconnected". Why is this happening?

When SpiderOak shows "disconnected" it means the program might be unable to reach our servers. Here are a few common reasons this happens:

1) Your internet connection is not working, or SpiderOak is being blocked by an antivirus progam

To test this, make sure this computer is able to access the internet. If you have antivirus running, trying turning it off and see if SpiderOak can connect.

2) Your account might be closed

If you try to connect to an account which was closed, you'll see "disconnected" instead of "this account has been canceled". If you don't remember closing your account, you can contact support and they will investigate for you.

3) You might be trying to access an "old" account.

Have you ever used SpiderOak on this computer before? If so, SpiderOak might be finding your old account information still stored on this computer. It will try to connect to the old account, and if that account is closed, it will only show you that you are "disconnected".

In this case, all you need to do to start using your new account is to manually delete the application data associated with your old account. Instructions to remove this data are below:


Your Mac remembers the credentials from your old account because the SpiderOak app data which stores your profile/user information is not stored in the same location as the SpiderOak app itself. This means that when you drag and drop SpiderOak in the trash, you're not actually uninstalling the app: you're just deleting the executable file. This is actually true for a lot of applications on Mac: it's part of how this operating system works.

To uninstall on a Mac, please open Finder and look in YOUR_USER_DIRECTORY. From there, open the Library folder, then Application Support. (To access the Library folder on Lion: 1.) Open up a Finder window 2.) From the "Go" menu, select "Go to Folder…" 3.) Enter "/Users//Library" and click "Go") Please delete or rename the SpiderOak folder.


To uninstall SpiderOak on Windows, first close SpiderOak (otherwise you will still have scripts running which will write more information to your appdata folder). Next, choose 'Run' from your Start menu on your PC, then type %appdata% in the Open prompt box.  This will open an Explorer window called "Application Data"  which lists folders for all the applications you have installed on your computer.  There will be a folder in here named "SpiderOak": delete the SpiderOak folder.


Delete your ~/.SpiderOak folder

Once this folder is deleted, restart SpiderOak. You'll be prompted for your username and password and you can sign in to your new account.

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