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What happens when I disconnect my external drive? Will SpiderOak assume all my files on the drive have been deleted?

If your external/removable drive is mounted in the default location, such as under /media/, SpiderOak typically knows that this is a removable drive and will not move data from the drive to the Deleted Items bin if the drive is disconnected. For example, let's say you plug a thumb drive into a Windows machine. When you open Explorer to view your files, you can see the Removable drive has been assigned the drive letter "Q:". This is a default location for removable data such as thumb drives, and SpiderOak will automatically understand that any data located in "Q:" is removable. This means that if SpiderOak starts and sees that this data is "missing" because the thumb drive was removed, SpiderOak does not assume it has been deleted and move the files to the trash.

When the drive is removed, your files will remain in the View tab where they are accessible for viewing and downloading. Any changes made to these files or synced files cannot be made until the removable drive is mounted to the system again.

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