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The SpiderOak website is telling me I have entered my username or password incorrectly. I know my username and password are correct. What's going on

If you're seeing this error message when you're sure you've entered your username and password correctly, it might be because you haven't downloaded and installed the SpiderOak application on your computer yet. You will not be able to login to the website until you have initially setup SpiderOak on a computer and uploaded data to your account.

Please note that you can only view data on the web: you can only upload data from the SpiderOak application on your computer. Our graphical client uses advanced encryption keys to keep your data absolutely secure and private, so we only allow uploads from the client: the webpage will only allow you to view files you've already uploaded and download them to any computer, not upload new data.

This might also occur if you have enabled Two Factor Authentication on your account and you are not adding your token to your password. Please see our Two Factor Authentication FAQs for more information.

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