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Does SpiderOak offer Automatic Backup Scheduling / Scheduling when Idle?

We agree that this is important, and we'll be adding the ability to automatically schedule backups within the SpiderOak application in a future version.

Right now you do have some other options though: You may run SpiderOak via it's command line interface. There are command line options for changing your backup selection, and running in "headless" mode (no GUI at all) or running in headless batch mode, where SpiderOak will startup, do all available work, and then exit when everything is complete.

You can see all the available command line options by running SpiderOak with --help.

We have many users who use --batchmode with Windows Task Scheduler, Launchd on Mac OS X, or cron on Linux to run scheduled and automated backups.

If you don't like editing OS X's Launchd config files, there's a nice open source GUI utility for it available called Lingon. It makes it easy to schedule the operation of any program.

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