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What if I forget my SpiderOak password?

First, when logging into your account be sure you're entering the correct username with the correct capitalization or it will not be accepted.

If you created a 'Hint' for your password when you first made your account, you can have that hint sent to your e-mail address by entering your username (not your email address) here:

If you cannot find the password hint email, please double check your spam folders in case this email was incorrectly marked as junk. Always check your filter settings to make sure you're able to receive email from SpiderOak.

Remember: if you have SpiderOak installed on another computer and the program is already running or does not require a password on startup, you can reset your password from this computer. Simply click the Account window, then choose "Edit" next to your current password. You can enter a new password here, which is used to regenerate the nested series of keys that are used to protect your data. Changing your password from any computer in your SpiderOak account will reset your password for all your computers and the website.

However, if can't reset your password from another machine and the hint has still not helped you remember your password, then your only option is to open a new account. Here at SpiderOak we take our 'Zero-Knowledge' privacy policy very seriously, so we never have any knowledge of your password and no way to retrieve or reset it, even in emergencies. It's our way of ensuring that our customers' data is always completely secure . . . even from ourselves!

If you need any more assistance recovering your password or opening a new account, please contact

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