I just installed SpiderOak and the program shows "disconnected." Why is this happening?

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When SpiderOak shows "disconnected," it means the application is unable to reach our servers. Here are a few common reasons for why this happens:

Your Internet connection is not working or SpiderOak is being blocked by a security program such as an antivirus.

To test this, make sure this computer is able to access the internet. If you have an antivirus or other security software, trying turning it off and see if SpiderOak can connect. Security software often update themselves silently, and we have observed some such updates blocking our software when it had been previously allowed.

If you're connecting from work, don't forget about upstream devices that might be blocking SpiderOak.

Your account might be closed.

If you try to connect to an account that was closed, you'll see "disconnected". If you don't remember closing your account, you can contact our support team at support@spideroak.com from the email address associated with your account and we will investigate for you.

Keep in mind that a new account begins as a 21 day free trial, and if not upgraded during the trial period it expires and is closed.

You might be trying to access an old account.

Have you ever used a different SpiderOak account on this computer before? If so, the application might be finding your old account information still stored on this computer. It will try to connect to the old account, and if that account is closed, it will only show you that you are "disconnected."

In this case, all you need to do to start using your new account is to delete the application data associated with your old account. To do so, see How do I manually uninstall SpiderOak? Once this folder is deleted, restart SpiderOak. You'll be prompted for the email address associated with your new account and its password. You will then be able to connect to your new account.