How do I remove data from my account?

To remove data from your SpiderOak account, open the SpiderOak application and choose the View tab. Select the files or folders you wish to remove and click the 'Delete' button. Click 'Remove' to confirm that you wish to remove the data from your account. This will permanently remove the data from your dataset and free up the corresponding space in your account.

Please note that deletions do not occur immediately because they must go through the queue in order, just as uploads do. If you are trying to delete data to free space in your account because you have exceeded your space limit, see Exceeding Your Account Limit.

Your storage used might not immediately reflect the deletion of your files if the SpiderOak servers have not yet updated your account information. Depending on your connection speed and server traffic, it might take several minutes for your storage space to update. If after closing and reopening SpiderOak you still do not see the storage space reclaimed, contact SpiderOak support.