How do I make SpiderOak connect using a proxy server?

SpiderOak supports making all connections through an HTTP proxy server. The proxy must support SSL.

If you are using SpiderOak for the first time, when you are given the option to create a new account or login to existing account, click the Settings button. Check Connect using a HTTP Proxy Server and fill out the proxy's hostname/IP address, port (80 by default), and your username and password if applicable.

If you are already running SpiderOak, from the SpiderOak screen, click Preferences, and choose the Network tab, and set up as above. You will need to restart SpiderOak for the settings to take effect.

If you are executing SpiderOak from the command line, this can be arranged by setting the Environment variable SPIDEROAK_HTTP_PROXY using this format:


If your proxy server requires authentication, you may specify it this way:


Please Note: The proxy must support SSL connections via the CONNECT method to connect to the SpiderOak network. If SSL connections aren't supported, you may get an error like this:

Server error: . The application will exit now.