How do I install SpiderOak on a headless Linux server?

We have many customers who use SpiderOak on headless servers. The initial setup requires a simple workaround, and from there you can use the command line options to implement all other tasks.

First of all, download SpiderOak and create your new account. Then you need to run setup from the command line with the --setup parameter as explained in the FAQ How do I set up a new device from the command line?

Once the account is set up, you may use command line options like --headless for continuous operation, or --batchmode for scheduling periodic backups from cron. You can also modify your backup selection through the --include and --exclude options.

As an alternative, you can connect to the headless server using "ssh -X" to forward X11 connections back to your local desktop machine with X11 running. Within your ssh session to the headless server, run SpiderOak for the first time. You should see the graphical user interface for SpiderOak appear on your local desktop, being forwarded over the X11 tunnel created by ssh.