How do I change how often SpiderOak scans my files for changes or new files?

You can change how often SpiderOak scans your system for changes to your backed up files. The default setting is 'automatic' which means that a directory watcher process is constantly running in the background - waiting for changes to your system.

To change your scan settings, open the Status tab and select Overview. In the Backup section, click the 'Change' button. This will open the Preferences window.

You can set your scan to run as frequently as once every 5 minutes to as infrequently as once a week. The more often your system is scanned, the more up to date your backup will be.

Please be aware that you can set a specific time for the backup to begin, but you cannot set an 'end time'. The backup will continue to run until either it completes or you close SpiderOak.

Even if you set the scan to run at a particular time each day, SpiderOak must be open in order for the program to scan your system and back up files.

Please note that regardless of your scan settings, SpiderOak will scan your entire backup set every time you open the program. This is to ensure that no changes have been made to your files while the program was closed.

You can also access your scan settings by clicking the Preferences button in the upper right corner of the SpiderOak program window. Select the 'Schedule' tab to change the scan frequency.