How can I remove a file from my SpiderOak backup?

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To delete a file from your SpiderOak network you will first want to open the Manage tab in the SpiderOak application on your computer. Next, open the tree to the file or folder you would like to delete and select it. Finally, click on the remove button in the menu bar to remove the file. Once you complete this step, a pop-up message will appear asking if you would like to remove this file from all future backups and – depending on your desires – make the appropriate choice.

As a security measure, you can only delete the files and folders associated with the computer you are seated at. If you select a file or folder associated with another computer, you will notice that the Remove button does not appear. This is a common cause of difficulty.

Keep in mind that deleted files will not be removed instantaneously. For example, if you have other items waiting to be uploaded in the queue (see the Activity window in the Home tab) then you will have to wait for these transactions to complete before you notice the file deleted from your SpiderOak account and thus freeing up space to store additional items.

The information above is based on the current version of our application. If you are running an older version, download and install our current version, then follow the instructions above.