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How long will the backup take?

How hard is it to setup the initial backup?

Does SpiderOak keep multiple versions of files?

Does SpiderOak backup the whole file every time it changes?

What happens if I disconnect from the Internet or my connection dies during the backup?

Can I use SpiderOak on multiple computers? Servers? External hard drives?

Does SpiderOak backup open files?

Do Outlook files de-duplicate? And how can I best back up my Outlook files?

Can SpiderOak backup Exchange, Oracle, MS SQL, etc?

How do I get the best backup deduplication from compressed files?

How can I select external drives for backup?

Case Sensitivity of backup files on Windows?

How do I continue to run my SpiderOak backup when I am logged out of my Windows machine?

Can I exclude a specific file or folder only by entering a file path name in the exclusions window?

How can I pause or stop a backup?

How do I know when my backup is finished?

Does SpiderOak have a limit for how large a file can be backed up?

I'm trying to select my external drive for backup, but I can't see it in the View tab. How can I find it?

How do I change how often SpiderOak scans my files for changes or new files?

What is finalizing?

I accidentally selected a file for back-up. I removed it from my back-up selection, but it still keeps uploading. What can I do? How can I clear my queue/remove all files from the queue?

What happens when an employee leaves a company that uses SpiderOak?

Why does SpiderOak need so much disk space to backup a file?

Do you support LDAP / ActiveDirectory?

Can I tell SpiderOak not to back up files that are older than a certain date?

Will SpiderOak back up my files if the program is closed?

Can I backup Quicken files?

Does SpiderOak offer Automatic Backup Scheduling / Scheduling when Idle?

What data should I backup?

What files will SpiderOak never backup?

Can I restrict the size of files SpiderOak backs up?

How can I exclude certain files or folders from backup?

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