Ransomware Protection and Disaster Recovery for Business-Critical Data

Scalable and deployable with flexible hosting. Prevent data loss and increase organizational security with No Knowledge, end-to-end encrypted endpoint backup. You manage the keys. Enterprise and LDAP ready.

Protect Business-Critical Data

Your business creates new data every day, from research & development to complex product plans.

SpiderOak Enterprise Backup ensures that the data and IP you depend on to run your business is safe – regardless of manmade or natural disasters.

Scalable backup, sync, and sharing for your enterprise level data protection, centralized device management supports multiple users and end-points. All with the Zero Trust security SpiderOak customers have come to depend on.

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Easy Deployment for Thousands of Machines with Top-Notch Support

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We’ve been helping our enterprise customers protect their endpoints for years.

The thing we hear most from admins? How much they appreciate the easy-to-use admin console, central device management, and the features like our drag and drop sync across a user's devices.

Centralized Device Management

The management console is a one-stop hub for managing users and enforcing policy.

Configure settings for all user applications, from backup selection, rate limiting, backup schedule, and sharing. Provision and manage user accounts, set group policies and permissions, and gain insight into usage. Whether you're on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, or Android, we support you.

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SpiderOak Enterprise Backup features:


End-to-End Encryption

SpiderOak Enterprise Backup ensures all your data is protected before even leaving your computer. Data is encrypted while in transit to, and at rest on, our servers.

Point in Time Recovery

If ransomware strikes, Enterprise Backup's Point-in-Time recovery feature can restore your data to its state before the malware attacked. Learn more about this feature on our Help Center.

Available Cross-Platform

Full support for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Seamlessly sync your data between all your devices, regardless of your operating system.

Mobile apps to access your data are available for Android and iOS.

File Sharing Support

Take advantage of the Share Room feature to share files securely with others through a web-based interface. Create temporary, self-destructing links to single files in your backup.

Built with Privacy in Mind

We built our products from the ground up with end-to-end encryption because we believe you shouldn't have to blindly trust anyone. When you have something worth protecting, privacy and security are everything. Your data is yours and should always be in your control. Encryption should not sacrifice usability.

We call this No Knowledge, and it's the foundation of our products. We have No Knowledge of your password, any data stored on our servers, or the metadata associated with your files.

Purgehold Available

Purgehold is available for any user account within your Enterprise Backup account. Ensure that end users cannot permanently delete data from their backups. Admins can restore all data from an account on Purgehold through the Management Console at any time.

Next Steps

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