If you wouldn’t put it on a postcard, a tweet, or a t-shirt, don’t share it in DropBox or Slack.

No added plugins or extra steps are needed to get the highest level of encryption. You can share information securely from the moment you sign up.

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How Crossclave Works

Teams & Spaces

Organize groups to easily share information with only those who need to know. We encrypt it all to keep it private. Even we can’t see what you have in there.

Compatible & Portable

Share, sync, and collaborate with teammates on Windows, Mac, and Android (iOS and Linux available soon).

Compatible & Portable

Nobody has access to chats and files they don’t need to see. And you don’t have to lift a finger to make sure of that.

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Teams Work Better When They Mind Their Own Business

You can never stop people from compromising your company’s security—whether it’s intentional or accidental. But you can protect your company from those people by limiting access to information and files to only the people who need it. Here are some examples:

Barry the IT Guy

He’s essential to all of your work… but does he really need access to every file and internal conversation? With CrossClave, you can set boundaries that keep Barry focused on IT.

Gina the Geophysicist

She trots the globe hunting for new energy reserves and needs to send top-secret files and messages to the team back at HQ.

Jeff in Government Affairs

He and his small team handle highly sensitive information that Barry and Gina never need access to. Jeff’s files are safe from outside attacks or internal leaks.

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