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Zero-Trust Communication and Collaboration Solutions for The Energy Sector

SpiderOak energy sector solutions leverage both Distributed Ledger and No Knowledge Encryption to provide the 100% secure multi-user collaboration environment necessary to secure remote communication and collaboration within the energy sector community.

Securing Communication and Collaboration in the Global Energy Sector

Keeping secrets in the energy sector is a challenge. The companies that drive the discovery and development of new oil or gas reserves or the next generation of green renewable energy are global, with widely dispersed, digitally connected supply chains, and those companies operate in some of the most remote and hostile environments on earth. They also produce some of the world’s most valuable and strategic information.

The ability to operationalize this insight – i.e., to share, analyze, communicate, and collaborate with it, to make it available to the people who need to know, when they need it, regardless of location or network – is how energy leaders harness and align the intellect and expertise of a widely distributed and growing global workforce.

This is the challenge: how to ensure the confidentiality of strategic data assets (like locations of newly discovered oil deposits or plans for next-generation fast reactors) and secure them from the prying eyes of cybercriminals or insider threats as they fuel the collaborative research and exploration necessary for energy innovation.

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SpiderOak Zero-Trust Energy Sector Solutions Protect the Confidentiality Of Your Most Valuable Data

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  • Zero-Trust encrypted communication, where the only people who can access data or participate in a conversation are those with permission
  • Extra layer of protection for lost or stolen devices being hacked for sensitive data
  • Discuss bid data, proprietary exploration, and discovery information with complete confidentiality
  • Secure virtual collaboration spaces to share and analyze insight and analysis
  • Segment supply-chain collaboration by generation, transmission, distribution, and consumer
  • Authentication of users and devices without the need for a password
  • Tamper-resistant information integrity via digitally signed and timestamped transactions, assuring data hasn’t been altered or modified
  • Send and modify documents, share images, and communicate with staff across all devices in complete security and confidentiality
  • Securely access confidential data from mobile devices for in the field decision support

Secure Energy-Industry Telework, Intellectual Property, & Collaborative R&D

Protect Digital Intellectual Property

Equip your most valuable IP with the protection it needs for secure communication and collaboration.

Secure Remote Telework

Unlock the world of secure telework for remote staff—regardless of how hostile or insecure their environment—to drive innovation with complete confidentiality.

Agile Multinational Collaboration

Create a safe, easy-to-use collaboration space to harness the power of your global supply and value chain.

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