CrossClave or Wickr

What’s the best choice for your needs?


Ephemeral, Anonymous Messaging App

Q: How is CrossClave different than Wickr?

A: They are very different; Wickr is a centralized, ephemeral collaboration platform while CrossClave is designed to allow businesses to securely and persistently collaborate and work together.

Wickr is a popular choice for security-conscious companies who want a chat like experience but also require enterprise strength file and information management.

The ephemeral nature of the product offers advantages for privacy but creates serious gaps for organizations subject to data retention and regulatory requirements.

Because all messages and attachments only exist for a certain amount of time before being permanently deleted new team members never get access to this valuable historical context increasing the amount of time it takes to get up to speed.


Zero-Trust Persistent Business Collaboration

The CrossClave Difference:

CrossClave is designed specifically to provide the highest level of security and auditability for business communication and collaboration.

Leveraging a Zero-Trust model and proprietary blockchain architecture CrossClave provides a heretofore unattainable level of security, confidentiality and data integrity in managing and sharing files.

Built on a distributed ledger CrossClave allows users to persist or maintain all the historical context that lives in a channel. When new team members are onboarded, they have access to all this valuable historical information giving them the context they need to quickly hit the ground running. Offboarding is fast and complete, CrossClave’s “single point of exit” ensures they are entirely removed from all the groups in a team with a single action.

And because CrossClave “persistently” protects and preserves both past and present states of the system it is an ideal solution for compliance minded organizations organizations subject to data retention audits unable to use ephemeral alternatives.

Whether you need absolute confidentiality, integrity or auditability, CrossClave gives you the tools your business needs to securely communicate and collaborate.

CrossClave vs. Wickr


Zero-Trust, Persistent Collaboration

  • End to End encryption (e2e)
  • Persistent
  • Key based identity
  • Intuitive
  • Voice and Video Calls
  • Blockchain data integrity
  • SaaS, On-Prem
  • Unlimited group & sub-group size
  • One on one & Multi-user chat
  • Tamper resistant audit trail
  • Flexible & agile security policy

Ephemeral, Anonymous Messaging App

  • End to End encryption (e2e)
  • Ephemeral
  • E-mail based identity
  • Complex user experience
  • Voice and Video Calls
  • SaaS, On-Prem
  • Limited file & video size sharing
  • One on one & Multi-user chat
  • Dedicated File-Sharing Spaces
  • Messages not synced across all devices

Secure mobile collaboration on any network.


Get Working

Easy onboarding and offboarding:
CrossClave offers teams and project focused groups that make it easy to onboard new people and get them up to speed quickly; and when someone leaves you can remove them from all the groups in a team with one action.

File Sharing


More than just chat:
CrossClave offers file management, video calls, and many other great features to keep your team in sync in or out of the office.

Keep Control

Control Who Collaborates:
With CrossClave it is easy to manage identities in your team. You don’t need to trust phone companies, email providers or other third parties. Our simple onboarding process ensures that everyone knows exactly who they are working with.

The choice for business is clear

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