CrossClave or WhatsApp

What’s the best choice for your needs?


Personal Chat & Social Media Platform

Q: How is CrossClave different than WhatsApp?

A: They are very different; WhatsApp is a personal chat & social media platform while CrossClave is designed to allow businesses to securely collaborate and work together.

WhatsApp is ideal for Facebook & Instagram users wanting to keep up with friends and family. Users can group chat or video call, broadcast messages to multiple persons and share special moments via a Status section like Stories on Instagram and Facebook. It offers free backup to iCloud and Google Drive, making it easy restore your chat history if a device is lost or stolen. However, these backups are not encrypted.

WhatsApp does provide some essential security features; however, security is not their first priority. The WhatsApp business model runs on the basis of advertisements. Also, with new privacy policy revelations of how user data will be shared with Facebook & 3rd parties combined with recent data breaches it is very clear that if security in sharing sensitive business information is your main concern WhatsApp is not a good choice.


Team Secure Communication and Collaboration

The CrossClave Difference:

CrossClave is designed specifically to provide the highest level of security for business communication and collaboration. Our Zero-Trust model means we never share your information with anyone, not even SpiderOak administrators can access it.

CrossClave is an end to end encrypted zero-trust collaboration solution with the enhanced capabilities necessary for businesses to securely collaborate, such as sharing files, business integration, audit controls and flexibly manage roles and permissions.

Delivering a first-class mobile and desktop experience, CrossClave gives you the tools you need to manage your team and stay mission focused allowing you to avoid the complexities of onboarding, offboarding, and role management encountered when trying to use consumer focused tools for business.

CrossClave vs. WhatsApp


Secure Business Collaboration

  • End to End encryption (e2e)
  • Easy to use
  • SaaS, On-Prem
  • Unlimited group & sub-group size
  • Managed teams
  • Private business collaboration
  • Security business model
  • Mobile & Desktop
  • Chat, file share, talk, collaborate
  • Privately Owned
  • Persistent
  • Blockchain data integrity
  • Tamper resistant audit trail
  • Flexible & agile security policy

Personal Chat & Social Media

  • End to End encryption (e2e)
  • Easy to use
  • SaaS
  • Limited group size (256)
  • Invite your friends
  • Share special moments
  • Advertisement business model
  • Mobile Application
  • Chat
  • Owned By Facebook
  • Ephemeral
  • Broadcast Messages
  • Unencrypted Backups
  • Status/Stories

Enterprise secure communication and collaboration for your most sensitive business information


Get Working

Easy onboarding and offboarding:
CrossClave offers teams and project focused groups that make it easy to onboard new people and get them up to speed quickly; and when someone leaves you can remove them from all the groups in a team with one action.

File Sharing


More than just chat:
CrossClave offers file management, video calls, and many other great features to keep your team in sync in or out of the office.

Keep Control

Control Who Collaborates:
With CrossClave it is easy to manage identities in your team. You don’t need to trust phone companies, email providers or other third parties. Our simple onboarding process ensures that everyone knows exactly who they are working with.

The choice for business is clear

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