Comsec and Crypto Operations Manager

About SpiderOak

We want to change the world, and we’ve already done it once. SpiderOak has been building encrypted software since before the first iPhone was released.

SpiderOak is committed to building secure and reliable software that protects our customers’ data. Our approach is fundamentally different from most mainstream security companies. Instead of adding layers of security on top of an insecure system, we build software that is inherently secure.


How are we different?

SpiderOak builds need-to-know technology that supports customers working in hostile environments. Traditional systems trust IT infrastructure to maintain the whole security system, even though the news is rife with evidence that this model does not work. Our software combines end to end encryption with a distributed ledger (aka Blockchain) technology to offer best-in-class security with no backdoors.


The Distributed Ledger, SpiderOak Model

A distributed ledger approach can provide compartmentalization of data that does not suffer from a single point of failure and is both fast and cost-effective. Compartments are defined using an irrefutable distributed ledger, enabling complete confidence in who is allowed to participate. Once the list of allowed users is defined, it becomes easy for those parties to negotiate shared encryption keys to secure the data being collaborated on.

Our approach allows for the instant provisioning of cryptographically secure collaboration spaces for use in scenarios where certainty about who has access to that space is a mission requirement.


Minimum Clearance Required to Start:

Top Secret SCI w/Polygraph


Job Description

The COMSEC / CRYPTO Operations Manager is responsible for the operation, communication, and supervision of a national level staff dedicated to reducing program risk on behalf of Intelligence Community’s Space and Ground System Communications Security (COMSEC) and Cryptographic (CRYPTO) solutions and services. The Operations lead is responsible for communicating operational capability status, serving cross-organizationally to integrate operations, engineering, and development efforts; as well as, communicating directly with government division leadership and a geographically diverse workforce to complete a variety of operational, acquisition, and communications tasks.


Job Duties

  • Develops processes and procedures to deliver COMSEC/CRYPTO capabilities and manages/communicates the day-to-day execution of operational tasks.
  • Provides oversight and management of support contracts to deliver COMSEC/CRYPTO products and services for a geographically diverse client base
  • Mange COMSEC Auditors, Warehouse, Key Room and other operational capabilities to maximize program efficiency and efficacy
  • Advocate for funding and acquisitions which support the delivery of operational capabilities (i.e. Front End Process or Vendor Support contracts)
  • Communicator for service delivery (i.e. audit, inspections, requirements) for all locations between client and contractor staff and a representative of the staff to high level meetings
  • Develop, implement, and manage requirements processes, procedures, and reporting mechanisms to communicate the status of space requirements to reduce program risk
  • Advocate for CRYPTO / COMSEC testing requests between multiple contractors to full fill program requirements on behalf of the Director, developers, and external organizations
  • Provide support to satellite community for CRYPTO devices and electronic cryptographic key
  • Manage, complete, and coordinate deliverables for a variety of suspense/tasked items
  • Assist in the coordination of Intermediary Application (iApp) Accounting and Distribution Database related upgrades and field implementation
  • Participate with the completion of system Risk Management Framework (RMF) package development for CRYPTO / COMSEC solutions
  • Develop, manage, maintain, and communicate the implementation of COMSEC operating instructions and training plans
  • Be familiar with the use and maintenance of common fill devices.
  • Review and validate COMSEC Incident Paperwork prior to review by COMSEC Manager



  • Clearance Requirement: Top Secret/SCI with CI Polygraph.
  • 5+ years of relevant Information Assurance (IA)/Cybersecurity experience.
  • Project Management Experience
  • 5+ years of relevant Operations management experience
  • 5+ years of relevant COMSEC auditing, inspect, CRO, or RCO experience
  • Working knowledge of space and terrestrial COMSEC equipment and current relevant experience with iApp.


Must be able to obtain, maintain and/or currently possess a security clearance.

The position requires a COVID vaccination or an approved accommodation/exemption for a disability/medical condition or religious belief.

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