SpiderOak believes when data is secure, the world is truly safe, prosperous and free.

About Us

SpiderOak is actively developing technologies that will change the definition of information security. We’re working on finding new ways to engineer a secure future. We need people like you to help us secure tomorrow.

Our Background

We invented a no-knowledge platform used by tens of thousands of people and organizations to complete missions around the world. Now, we’re building a new model of security that prioritizes authority above all else.

Our Principles

Integrity - we do what is right, not what is easy

Innovation - we are not ok with the status quo

Collaboration - we work well with each other and our customers

What We Do

Build no-backdoor applications for protected field mobility, cross-domain collaboration, secure IoT, and classified multinational collaboration.

Our Products

No Knowledge platform built on distributed ledger technology using No Knowledge encryption, designed to run in hostile environments.

Authority-based protocol that enables applications with security built-in, not bolted on.

On the fly cryptographic compartmentalization that is based on “need-to-know” security policies.

Open Positions

VP Engineering

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Security Architect

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Mobile Integration Engineer

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Go Developer

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Head of Talent Management

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