The best of SpiderOak for your
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Empower your users with easy-to-use tools that help them better do their job while giving you more ownership over your important data. Strong enough for the enterprise; designed for the SMB.

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End-Point Device Backup

Gain control over all your company's data by never having to worry about losing a file, folder, or version ever again. As the administrator, you will be able to view and access the backed up data spread across all the computers in your company - giving you and your team piece of mind.

Sync across any OS

SpiderOak creates an easy way for you and your team to sync data between any number of devices. Either drag and drop folders / files into the Hive folder or select specific folders to sync across specific machines. The power of a business utility with the easy-of-use of a consumer sync tool.

Share with Ease

Give your team the power of sharing data on their terms with password-protected ShareRooms. Create one for marketing. Create another for sales. Create individual ones for each client. And guests can register to receive automatic alerts when updates are made.

Full Control

Our management console gives you full ownership and control over your data. From a single interface you can access all your company's data, see reporting, and understand how each person on your team is utilizing SpiderOak. The power is in your hands.

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A ‘Zero-Knowledge’ World

From the ground up, SpiderOak develops solutions that maintain 'Zero-Knowledge' privacy throughout. This means the server never sees or understands plaintext data - keeping your critical business documents safe and secure always. Other vendors encrypt. At SpiderOak we take it a step further by never having the keys. For companies operating in regulated industries who still need to leverage the power of the cloud, trust is simply not enough. The data MUST be private and SpiderOak is the only answer.

Easy to Use Application

End users will quickly learn to backup, sync, and share data on SpiderOak Blue's simple, intuitive desktop and mobile applications. From drag and drop file sync via Hive to automatic backups, achieving privacy in the cloud has never been easier.

Hive & OS Integration make it Seamless

SpiderOak integrates easily into the daily workflow through seamless tools like the Hive folder and 'right-click' functionality in the file browsers. This means you and your team members can spend more time working on solving critical business matters and while ensuring you have privacy in the cloud.

Share Securely

Designed to allow you to share only the data you want to expose, SpiderOak employs a nested series of layered encryption keys. This means that each block of data has very own key so when you or someone on your team decides to share a file or folder, they are only exposing that very specific data - not one byte more.

Powerful Central Management

SpiderOak's management console is a one-stop hub for accessing data and/or enforcing group policies. Easily manage and provision accounts, organize permissions, and gain oversight across your team. The solution is also very light-weight and user-friendly so you can be up and running in no time flat.

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