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SpiderOak LOVES Windows 8. Compatibility = Done

Although ‘love’ is a big word for an operating system that has just recently been placed in the hands of early adopters, we at SpiderOak are committed to continually protecting your privacy in the newest iteration of the Microsoft operating system.

We have poked, prodded and tested the SpiderOak client on the Release Preview and Consumer Release of Windows 8 over the last few months. After all this work we are happy to announce that SpiderOak has been supporting Windows 8 from day 1. So are we in ‘love’? If compatibility is one measure then we would certainly say ‘yes’.

For all of you unpacking brand new computers this holiday season or simply feel that Windows 7 is ‘too 2012′, you can all look forward to also being able to install and run the SpiderOak client and all our services under this new Operating system.

Of course Windows 8 is still new and going through changes. Should you find something odd or unsettling about how the SpiderOak client or service works and would like to let us know, please email us at: and we will address it right away.

Very best wishes & congrats to Windows 8!

The SpiderOak Team