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SpiderOak’s Cutest Tech Couples Results

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our cutest tech couples contest. We enjoyed everyone’s submissions! Valentines Day is about love and we love what our users do for us. Hope you had a lovely Valentines Day.

And with no further ado… The 3 winning people are as follows:

    • First place: Darran C.
    • Second Place: Kevin Y.
    • Third Place: Brandon A.


First place received 15 Facebook “Likes” and chose SpiderOak and Keepass because his life would be safe, secure and in Sync.

Second place chose Microsoft and Barnes & Noble. “Once adversaries in court yet now pushed into a marriage of convenience, the two find themselves meeting secretly in a quiet nook to discuss their future prospects as the wealthy yet socially awkward Microsoft finds itself in desperate need of more content for its nascent media ecosystem while the increasingly desperate B&N wistfully longs to return to its glory days, having been pushed aside from the spotlight by an ambitious and fiery Amazon.”

Third place chose Roku and Comcast. He says, “Roku was ahead of the curve in the streaming box revolution, but like Tivo, ultimately is going to lose out to those with bigger pockets. In the end, it will be Comcast’s desire (like it or not) to expand it’s exclusivity zone of content, streaming, and now news (NBC) that will make this the perfect marriage. The set-top box is the new battlefield for gated communities of content.”

But there is one more winner… YOU!

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  • Once activated, go to our homepage.
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SpiderOak’s Cutest Tech Couples Contest

Ahh, lovebirds. You know the type. That sickeningly sweet pair featured in our favorite romantic comedies.

We at SpiderOak are not known for being matchmakers when it comes to romance, but we’d like to think we found the perfect match between you and your data. You and your data are quite the pair. Now we want to know your thoughts on future tech power couples.

The new power couples in tech – who do you think that would be?

We want you to look at all the companies today and let us know who you think would make the perfect couple and why. Let’s take Microsoft and Skype for example. Their eyes locked when discussing issues like CIO and enterprise IT. Skype was wooed on their first date under the Silicon Valley stars. Eventually, it became a match in heaven after they realized they had so much in common in LTE based networks and mobile trends. Who’s next?

Name Your Couple

Post your match on our Facebook page or on Twitter and tell us why you think your two picks would make a good love connection. Based on the number of Facebook ‘Likes,’ or retweets we’ll award first, second, and third place best matches. On Twitter, use the hashtag #SOLove with your submissions.


    • First place: 14 Gigs
    • Second Place: 10 Gigs
    • Third Place: 5 Gigs
    • Everyone else: 14% off all yearly plans


Cupid will reveal the winners on February 14th. We can’t wait to see your matches!

Help spread the word!

Copy and paste this tweet: Name the perfect tech power couple & why for a chance to win free GBs #SOLove #Vday