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Our first-ever, special offer for free users: 25GB for $30/yr

EXPIRED: This offer is now closed, as of Friday 11/16 @ midnight CT.

We heard you!

Normally, the smallest amount of storage you can buy with SpiderOak is 100GB for $100 a year. But a lot of our free users have said they would upgrade to an annual plan if they could get only 25GB because that is all they need, opposed to buying 100GB.

SO, this will be our first time to try it out. For only the next 3 days, you can upgrade to a 25GB plan from a free account for only $30/year.

Use this promotion code to upgrade your free account: TWENTYFIVE

(If you aren’t yet a SpiderOak user, but want to take advantage of this deal: sign up here, download and install the software, click ‘Buy More Space’ and use the promo code above.)

We’re excited to give it a try and see what the reception is like, so be sure to nab this deal and please help us spread the word until then. The offer ends on Friday Nov. 16 @ midnight CT.

Let us know what you think!


The SpiderOak Team