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The Fourth Cup – Spreading the message…

Although I’m not convinced this is the correct forum, it is a forum
none-the-less. And as this issue is simply too important given the current
state of the world, I will use this and other forums to promote what I think
deserves immediate attention. I recently completed a book entitled ‘ href="">3 Cups of Tea‘. It
is the amazing and unbelievable adventures of one man and his quest to fulfill
a promise. That promise – to build a school in a small village in northern
Pakistan. The reasons I will not spoil, the motivation I am not sure I can
fully understand or relate, but the conclusions drawn are of the utmost
importance for our survival and hope for the generations to follow. That
lesson is simple – education.

And before we are too quick to judge and/or understand Muslims a half a
world away, what you read in this book may create surprise and wonderment. In
the end and as I constantly learn, we are all people, inhabiting the same
spinning surface, in search of a better tomorrow.

In doing my small part to spread this crucial message, I will buy and send
this book to whomever requests. All I require is your name, address, and the
promise that you will pass it along or donate it to the next person in need.
If you are interested, please email me at the following address: thefourthcup