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It is a Monday…

Greetings SpiderOak Users,

This morning we excitedly sent out an email to you all with news of our latest version – SpiderOak 5.0. Within 5.0 are many new and exciting features including Hive and Windows OS integration (Mac & Linux coming soon) in addition to a completely revamped mobile effort with our 2.0 iOS app currently in the app store (2.0 Android shipping on the 16th of May).

In our efforts to alert you of these wonderful changes, we have received comments that the email was addressed to ‘First Name’ as opposed to the actual name as it appears in our database. Now – while this may appear as a mistake, it is actually us taking privacy one step further and converting all of your ‘first names’ to read ‘First Name’. As we constantly strive to push ‘Zero-Knowledge’ further and further, this is just another step in that process.

NOTE: Of course we are making light of a mistake we made in our email campaign this morning whereby we did not properly include the mail merge in the final deployment. This is my mistake and I do sincerely apologize for any problems this may have caused. Rest assured, the emails are indeed from us at SpiderOak and you can always feel free to download 5.0 from our website here: download.

Given this topic, we would also like to take a moment to mention the domain name present in our email communications to users – We have designated that some of our email correspondence come from this domain so please do not be alarmed or worried about an email coming from as representing a spam or phishing message. That said, we are currently taking steps to push all communications from to limit confusion moving forward.

Please don’t hesitate to send further thoughts and/or questions anytime and we thank you in advance for both your understanding and continued patronage with SpiderOak.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Sending very best wishes,

Ethan Oberman
SpiderOak, Inc