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Our Android 2.0 App Release & Testimonial Winners Announced Wednesday

Because of the enormous response we received during last week’s testimonial-100GB giveaway, the five winners will be announced on Wednesday instead of today. Thanks again to everyone who participated! We were so grateful for all of the positive feedback.

If you missed it, we wanted to draw special attention to our new open-source HTML5 Android app that went live last week. Here is Ars Technica’s write up about it, or you can read the June 11 press release:

SpiderOak Launches Open-Source HTML5 Android App

Functions Like a Native App, Provides the Foundation for Enterprise-Grade, ‘Zero-Knowledge’ Mobile Apps

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Jun 11, 2013) - SpiderOak, the ‘Zero-Knowledge’ privacy cloud technologies provider, today announced the new SpiderOak Android 2.0 application. Redesigned from the ground up using HTML5 and fully compatible with the brand-new SpiderOak Hive, the Android app is setting the standard for mobile privacy in the cloud. The newly available app enables users to view the data located in the Hive folder as well as any folders or files across their SpiderOak devices. It sets a new precedent for the development of open-source, HTML5 mobile applications.

“Our new Android app bucks the prevailing trends,” said Ethan Oberman, CEO of SpiderOak. “We have proven the capabilities of HTML5 and the success of producing open source mobile software. Our Android 2.0 app further sets the groundwork for bringing full ‘Zero-Knowledge’ read/write to mobile devices — leveraging our new Crypton framework. After all, privacy must expand beyond the computer to include the rapidly evolving mobile platform.”

HTML5 and Open Source

SpiderOak has a strong commitment to open source software and expounds on this belief with SpiderOak Mobile 2.0. The company also believes in leveraging the HTML5 platform as a viable solution to building mobile apps, despite recent companies moving in the other direction — most notably Facebook.

Newly hired lead mobile developer Tommy-Carlos Williams is a renowned expert in HTML5 and PhoneGap, an industry-leading open-source framework for developing apps using HTML5. “With SpiderOak 2.0 for Android, we’re really leveraging the HTML5 platform in its truest nature,” said Williams. “I’m excited at the direction SpiderOak is taking in mobile. We’re breaking new ground for ‘Zero-Knowledge’ privacy, as well as for the evolution of HTML5 itself. It is for these reasons I moved to SpiderOak and look forward to continuing our progress in these areas and more.”

SpiderOak applied styling to make the new app match Android 4.0 and above, and has devised features that behave in a native manner. The goal of the new app is not just to increase overall functionality and usability, but also appeal to the more stringent privacy and security demands of the enterprise.

Designed for Simplicity and Ease of Use

SpiderOak 2.0 for Android also includes significant usability enhancements, such as a higher level of app performance and easier navigation. Through the updated Android app, users can log in and easily see the data in their Hive folder or across any other device that is running SpiderOak. In addition to immediately accessing and viewing all of the data inside an account, a user can download and share files via email or social media.

Devices running Android 2.3 and newer versions can download the app in the Google Play Store.

To learn more about SpiderOak Hive, please visit:

It is a Monday…

Greetings SpiderOak Users,

This morning we excitedly sent out an email to you all with news of our latest version – SpiderOak 5.0. Within 5.0 are many new and exciting features including Hive and Windows OS integration (Mac & Linux coming soon) in addition to a completely revamped mobile effort with our 2.0 iOS app currently in the app store (2.0 Android shipping on the 16th of May).

In our efforts to alert you of these wonderful changes, we have received comments that the email was addressed to ‘First Name’ as opposed to the actual name as it appears in our database. Now – while this may appear as a mistake, it is actually us taking privacy one step further and converting all of your ‘first names’ to read ‘First Name’. As we constantly strive to push ‘Zero-Knowledge’ further and further, this is just another step in that process.

NOTE: Of course we are making light of a mistake we made in our email campaign this morning whereby we did not properly include the mail merge in the final deployment. This is my mistake and I do sincerely apologize for any problems this may have caused. Rest assured, the emails are indeed from us at SpiderOak and you can always feel free to download 5.0 from our website here: download.

Given this topic, we would also like to take a moment to mention the domain name present in our email communications to users – We have designated that some of our email correspondence come from this domain so please do not be alarmed or worried about an email coming from as representing a spam or phishing message. That said, we are currently taking steps to push all communications from to limit confusion moving forward.

Please don’t hesitate to send further thoughts and/or questions anytime and we thank you in advance for both your understanding and continued patronage with SpiderOak.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Sending very best wishes,

Ethan Oberman
SpiderOak, Inc

Download The Newest Version of SpiderOak

Today we are proud to release our newest version – SpiderOak 5.0.


The most significant addition is SpiderOak Hive – a simple drag and drop folder that allows you to sync files across all your devices. For more information on Hive, feel free to visit


You can read about several other new features, enhancements and bug fixes at SpiderOak Launches 5.0 Beta.

Please reach out with any thoughts or questions. We look forward to continuing development and making SpiderOak the best it can be.