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No Excuses – Back up Your Data!

This week, we want to make sure you all know how important it is to keep your data backed up. As I mentioned on our World Backup Day post, it’s not only making backups that is important; It’s making sure that your backups actually work.

We generate an enormous amount of data in our personal and professional lives. From photos to videos, financial records to emails, documents to music – it would be devastating to lose this data. Sadly, it does happen. But you can prevent it.

Data backup is EASY to do and can save you a great amount of time as well as ensure that your data is secure in the case of disaster. However, we’ve heard a lot of excuses. It is time to put those excuses aside and back up your data TODAY.

Excuses, Excuses

“My computer won’t crash!” Of course you’ve had your computer for a while and haven’t had problems so far. Why worry about it now? This “it won’t happen to me” approach will haunt you later. Data backup is about protecting your data’s future. Look at it like an insurance policy.

“I’ve thought about it but just haven’t gotten around to doing it…” We are all busy. Work, family, friends… Why take time out of your day to maintain data backups? We can empathize with you on how daunting it may seem. However, today’s backup software manufacturers make it easy. Only a few steps are involved in most online backup solutions. With SpiderOak, you merely set it and forget it.

“I don’t know how to backup data.” Fear not. A lot of you understand how important it is, but you are just not sure where to start. You have a few options. Removable media (CDs and zip drives) were once a go-to option. This option just narrows the field a little. External hard drives would be an excellent start. Simply copy folders to your external hard drive and that is your first backup! We’d also recommend a cloud option. There are several that allow ease and flexibility.

Lack of knowledge or denial about the fragility of data storage media is the most common reason, which isn’t an excuse at all. Most people just don’t think about it. That is why we are here!

Do you have any stories to share, or excuses you have heard? We’d love to hear them! Here is a story we’d like to share with you from one of our users:

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