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An Ode to GoPro

What is a GoPro? It is a camera you can wear. It is a camera you can mount. A GoPro can be used for videos as well as pictures. It is a tiny camera with its own underwater housing that can fit into almost anything and capture any type of footage. This camera has even been able to record footage inside an animal’s mouth such as a shark. The camera’s main purpose is to capture those hard-to-get action shots and at angles a normal camera cannot be placed. For example, many surfers mount this camera on their surfboards. As they surf, the camera captures the route of the surfer as they ride inside the barrel of a wave.

I have yet to own this camera myself. For a camera that can do so much it is rather cheap, but alas, I am a kid fresh out of college with very little money. Fortunately I found out that GoPro’s Facebook page allows fans to try and win a free GoPro in addition to an extra accessory. Such accessories include a harness, wrist housing, or a helmet mount. Everyday, anyone over the age of 13 is eligible for a chance to win one of these cameras. Being a pretty big fan, I enter into their sweepstakes every morning.

If I did have a GoPro in my possession I would use it to film underwater. I’ve always wanted to film some underwater footage regardless of what it is. I am moving to Austin, Texas, and I hear that they have a zipline somewhere on the outskirts of the city. I would also use a GoPro to film what I see as I’d fly above the trees. Maybe one day I will get lucky enough to win one of these cameras or save enough money to actually purchase one. We’ll see.